How To Use Red Cedar Message Boards: Some Tips and Ideas!

Red cedar is a shrub located in the northwest U.S., south to Idaho and east to Manitoba. It thrives in wet, humid forests and along rivers and lakes. It’s also found along some of the country’s most treasured hiking trails, including the Pacific Coast Trail and Appalachian Trail! In fact, hikers use cedar boards as they pass through many forested areas. Perhaps you’ve noticed red cedar message boards while hiking in your area, but aren’t sure what they are or how to use them. Fortunately, we’ve put together this article so that you can learn everything about using these popular pieces of trail furniture!

What are Red Cedar Message Boards?

These are pieces of cedar that are fitted with a hanger, and then secured to a tree or other structure to create a sign. They are used in the outdoors to leave messages, but also have a few other creative uses. There are two kinds of red cedar. The one used to create these boards is red cedar that grows along the Pacific Coast. It’s a softwood, so it’s easy to carve. The other kind is used to create outdoor furniture and outdoor cabinets, but it’s not suitable for creating cedar boards. The boards come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, but the most common are a rectangular shape with a recessed hanger. However, there are also signs shaped like an arrow, a heart, and other symbols.

Tips for Using Red Cedar Message Boards

– Choose a suitable holder: You can find holders for red cedar boards in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are made from metal, while others are made from wood. Plastic is another common choice because it’s easy to clean. – Carve a message: You can write messages on the boards, but this isn’t the preferred method. Instead, try carving the messages into the wood, then paint them or add stickers to create a unique design. – Remove litter: Littering is a major problem in many areas, including national parks and other public lands where red cedar boards are found. Clean up after yourself so that others can appreciate your efforts, and the forest environment as well. – Leave a sign: One final note: Red cedar boards have many potential uses, but they’re best known for serving as trail messages.

How to Attach a Red Cedar Message Board

First, decide how you want your red cedar sign to attach to the holder. If it’s made of metal, you can use a screw or hook. If it’s made of wood, look for a natural groove that’s been created by another branch. It might be a few inches wide or it might be 12 inches. If you can’t find anything, use a nail. Keep in mind, though, that it might not be strong enough to hold your weight. Next, find a place to put your sign. It can be indoors or outside, on a wall or fence, or on a tree. You can also put them near trails for passing hikers to see.

Decide Where to Put Your Message Board

One thing that you’ll want to consider when deciding where to place your sign is the impact it has on the environment. Keep in mind that any littering or graffiti on the sign could damage trees or cause animals to leave the area. Consider putting your sign in an area that’s less noticeable. It might be less noticeable to you, but it could be a surprise for hikers!

Final Words: Don’t Forget the Environment!

If you put the sign in a good location, and leave no litter on the sign, then your message will help fellow hikers. However, it’s important to be environmentally friendly while using these boards. If you don’t remove litter, or you leave graffiti or other damage on the sign, then it could have a negative effect on the environment. Never damage trees with your sign, and do your best to leave it hidden away. Then, when you’re done using the boards, you can simply remove the sign and donate the lumber to protect our environment.

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