Here’s Everything You Should Know About Jilo Virals, 2022

The world is always changing, and so is our media. With new technologies and emerging trends, there are new ways to tell stories every day. The concept of storytelling has also evolved rapidly with the advent of newer mediums such as animated films, podcasts, and even video games. In the past few years alone, we’ve seen a drastic increase in digital content through video sharing sites like YouTube and TikTok. New viral formats have also emerged to cater to this changing media landscape—from chain reaction videos to ice bucket challenges. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring one of South Asia’s newest trends: Jilojis (or Jilo Virals).

What is a Jilo Viral?

Simply put, a Jilo Viral is a video that combines images from a song or video with an explanatory caption. The resulting video is often a chain reaction that is shared across social media platforms. The concept behind Jilojis is simple, yet effective. It’s basically a remix video where one song is remixed with images from another song. And the images should go really well with the song’s lyrics. The Jilo Viral format is so popular in India and Bangladesh right now that there are even apps like Jiloojia that allow you to make your own Jilo Viral videos.

How to make a Jiloji

Jilojis are often created by combining popular music videos or songs with images from different films. In fact, anybody can create a Jilo Viral by simply remixing images from other videos. The key to making a Jilo Viral is to find the right images that go really well with the song’s lyrics. You can also create Jilojis using your own videos. All you need to do is to create a video in which you play the song, use images, and then add a caption. There are a few other things you should keep in mind when making Jilo Virals. First, you should try to use images that go really well with the song’s lyrics. Also, you should try to get your video’s length to at least two minutes so that people can easily see all the images and lyrics.

Why are Jilos important?

Just like chain reaction videos and ice bucket challenges, Jilos are important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re a great way to spread music and cultural awareness. With each new viral, people get exposed to new music, artists, and cultures. Also, the more you share your Jilos on social media, the more people will see them, thereby increasing awareness about the new trend. Secondly, Jilos are also important for building communities online. Sharing Jilos on social media not only builds a community around the new trend, but it also promotes the original songs.

The importance of storytelling in Jilo Virals

Jilos give a different kind of meaning to the original songs they are remixing. Instead of just focusing on the lyrics and music, Jilos use images to tell a story. Jilos are not just random remixes of popular songs, they are crafted with a specific story in mind. The images and captions are often inspired by the lyrics of the remix song. In a way, it becomes a way to share the message of a song in a new way. Jilos are also a great way to appreciate the work of artists by remixing their songs and adding a new message or meaning to them.

Which South Asian Celebrities have joined the trend?

Which South Asian celebrities have joined the trend? From singers to actors, these are the South Asian celebrities who have joined the trend of Jilojis. The Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has been creating Jilo Virals for many years now. Her videos are often inspired by popular Bollywood songs such as “Pehli Nazar Se Aayi” by Loy Mendoush and “Ladki Ko Humsafar Humko” by Junaid Jamshed. The Kollywood actress Kavya Madhavan has also been making Jilos since the past few years. Her Jilos are often inspired by popular Malayalam songs such as “Mukhamukham” by Sanusha Muthalali and “Nee Nee Nee” by Sanusha Muthalali. The Bollywood actors Ayushmann Bhiku and Ayushman Bharti have also been making Jilos for several years. Their videos are often inspired by popular Bollywood songs, such as “Beware of Signs” by Secret Affair and “Tum Hi Ho” by the Pakistani band Sajid Ali. The Varanasi-based singer and rapper Tabrez has also been creating Jilos for many years. His videos are often inspired by popular Bollywood songs, such as “Tum Hi Ho” by the Pakistani band Sajid Ali and “Gum Gum Koi De” by the Pakistani band Ali Azmat. The Bollywood actor and model Vivek Oberoi has also been creating Jilos since the past few years. His videos are often inspired by popular Bollywood songs, such as “Bye Bye” by Mika Singh and “Uski Baat Uski Baat” by the band A. G. Shaukat.


The concept of storytelling has evolved rapidly over the years as new technologies have allowed for new ways to share narratives. The latest trend to take off is the Jilo Viral, which combines popular songs with images from other films to tell an entertaining story. From chain reaction videos to ice bucket challenges, it’s never been easier to tell stories in new and creative ways.

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