What Space Movie Came Out In 1992: A Complete Explaination

Space movies have been around since the silent movie era. In some ways, they’ve never really gone away. Just when you think things couldn’t get any cooler in extraterrestrial cinema, filmmakers come up with something even better. And then there are those rare instances where space movies come along like a breath of fresh air. Or at least we hope to be getting that impression; it’s not always easy being green. But as much as space movies can be problematic — look no further than The Expanse or Alien Isolation for proof — there’s still nothing quite like them either. So what space movie came out in 1992? There are a lot of different tropes and clichés that make up the genre of space films and it seems like it’s only getting more prevalent with each passing year. *Sigh* That being said, we’re sure you found this article because you know these films inside and out so trust us when we say it is worth reading through to the end!

What is a Space Movie?

Space movies are a type of science fiction that takes place mainly in outer space. Unlike more terrestrial stories, space films usually do not focus on the planet itself, but rather the people who live and work in the area of space that is accessible to people on Earth. While many focus on the human race and the distant planets where humanity has established colonies, some subgenres (such as outer space operas) focus on alien species such as humans and the different forms of life in space. Space movies commonly feature some combination of the following plot elements: – – The plot revolves around people attempting to reach out to other planets or to other areas of space for potential use. – – The plot features a main character who must overcome some kind of challenge in order to reach his/her goal. – – The plot contains some kind of danger that the main character must overcome.

The Flash Gordon Series

Flash Gordon, the main character from a series of comic books, movies, and TV shows, is the obvious choice for a space movie to come out in 1992. But what about Flash Gordon? The original series of comic books was published during the Great Depression, making it an interesting choice for a sci-fi hero. The concept of a space saga set during the Great Depression sounds like it would be an interesting take on the genre but unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as one would hope. The movie was directed by Sam Newfield and Kirk R. Wylie and the story involved aliens who were trying to conquer the universe and the human race fighting them. It’s a silly and forgettable movie.


The iconic Ridley Scott film Alien is a perfect example of what a great space film can be. Released in 1979, it came along at a time when space and science fiction films were usually nothing more than B-movies. It had a memorable plot, memorable characters, and a good message about survival. The cast does a great job, particularly Sigourney Weaver who was hired for a mere $10,000 and then went on to win the Oscar for Best Actress in the same year the movie was released! Ripley is one of the most memorable female characters of all time and the film’s setting in the distant future and on a spaceship adds an air of mystery.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon is a 2001 science fiction film that is set in space during the late 20th century. The movie follows a band of space travelers who are searching for a better place to live after Earth is nearly destroyed. It’s an interesting concept and conceptually, it’s done quite well but the movie is not particularly memorable. It’s best to just forget about it and move on with your life.

Orion Pax and the Three Laws of Robotics

This 1999 movie is, in many ways, like a space version of The Martian. Orion Pax, an astronaut who is trying to find a better place to live after Earth is nearly destroyed, ends up having to battle the crew of a space station that is trying to keep him from leaving the station. Orion Pax and the Three Laws of Robotics is another movie that is set in space during the late 20th century. While it’s a fun movie that is worth watching from time to time, one really has to wonder why more people aren’t talking about it. Maybe it’s because it’s not nearly as famous as some of the other movies on this list.


Space movies may sometimes be problematic but they can also be an exciting escape into the unknown. And if you want to get even more into the science fiction genre, you can even try watching some of the newer and more thoughtful sci-fi films that are coming out today. So what’s another space movie to come out in 1992?

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