Vigoro Sport: A Unique Partnership Between Cricket and Tennis

Cricket and tennis have been two of the most popular outdoor sports for a long time. While many people around the world have grown up playing these games, there are few that can combine their love for both of them at once. This is where Vigoro Sport comes into play. Vigoro Sport is a cricket and tennis hybrid league, held jointly between its partners – Vidarbha Cricket Association (VCA) and Pune Tennis Academy (PTA). With this partnership, both academies created a common platform for players to grow in double-sided sports. Vigoro Sport has two teams battling it out each Friday evening from May to September; one team representing VCA while another team representing PTA. Members of both academies use this as an opportunity to share their skills with others while also learning new techniques from different players.

What is the point of a cricket and tennis partnership?

Vigoro Sport was created with the intention of bringing together individuals from both academies so that they could learn from each other. Both cricket and tennis are individual sports, and Vigoro Sport’s aim is to bring both together so that individuals can encourage and inspire each other to push the boundaries of both sports. Through this partnership, Vigoro Sport participants can also help to promote healthy living through physical fitness and mental relaxation. Through this cross-pollination of cricket and tennis, the academies aim to create a common platform for players from both sports to come together, learn from each other and grow as individuals.

Who can play in Vigoro Sport?

Anyone associated with the two academies can sign up for Vigoro Sport. This includes their players, coaches, and even their parents and family members. There is no age restriction as well, so children and adults of all ages are welcome to play! You don’t have to be a part of one of the academies either – players can join from other cities as well. If you’re interested in playing, sign up with Vigoro Sport now!

How is Vigoro Sport played?

On every Friday evening, Vigoro Sport teams come together to play a cricket-tennis match. The match lasts approximately one and a half hours, during which both teams play five overs of cricket and three sets of tennis. The batting order of both teams is selected through a draw of the lots. Both batting teams will face off against each other in a five-over game of cricket, which is both points and match deciding. Once the match concludes and both batting teams have played their five overs, the two teams switch to tennis mode. Here both teams play three sets of tennis – one set of men’s doubles, one set of mixed doubles, and one set of women’s doubles.

Vigoro Sport Rules

Once the match has started, the first team to win five points by either winning the tennis match or winning the cricket match wins the Vigoro Sport match. In order to win the tennis match, a team has to win two of the three sets. In order to win the cricket match, a team has to score more runs in their five overs. Once a match has begun, each team has exactly one minute to change their batting order. If they aren’t ready after a minute, they automatically lose the match. In the event of a tie, both teams have to face off against each other in one over of cricket. At the end of this over, the team that has scored more runs is declared the winner of the match.

Vigoro Tennis and Cricket Mix-Up Rule

While most tennis matches are played on the clay courts, Vigoro Sport has one tennis rule that’s different from the usual – the entire match is played on the grass courts. This is because once the points and match has transitioned from cricket to tennis, the cricket and tennis teams have to switch to their tennis courts. Once the tie has been broken, the two teams have to quickly change courts. This transition happens every five minutes and is known as the “Mix-Up”. While the transitions happen, both teams have one minute to change their courts. If they aren’t ready in time, they have to suffer a five-run penalty. Once the transition has ended, both teams have five minutes to prepare themselves for the next set. If they aren’t ready after five minutes, they once again have to pay the five-run penalty.


The aim of Vigoro Sport is to bring together two popular sports and two popular sports academies and encourage a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. Through this partnership, players get to learn a lot from each other and can grow in their individual sport as well as in tennis or cricket. Through this hybrid league, the academies have created a common platform for players to come together, learn from each other and grow as individuals. Anyone associated with the two academies can sign up for Vigoro Sport. If you’re interested in playing, sign up now!

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