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The Best Silicone Oil Manufacturers in Pakistan

Depending on the purpose, silicone oil might be reactive, non-reactive, or curing. Silicone oils with alcohol modifications and isocyanates make up the curing-type or reactive silicones. The silicone fluid manufacturers produced these lubricants by curing silicone oils with epoxy, amino, or carboxy modifications are also preferred.

These silicone oils include epoxy/polyether-modified, amino/polyether-modified, and carboxy/polyether-modified. The cured product is generated on the layer that receives images while using silicone oils of the curing type. The release layer’s thickness should ideally fall between 0.01 and 5 m.

Top 5 Silicone Oil Manufacturers in Pakistan

1. K.K. Traders Pakistan

K.K.Traders Pakistan has excelled in serving a wide range of clientele in both the residential and private sectors. This manufacturer is the only contractor you choose who is committed to supplying superb customer service, top-notch work, and reasonable prices. K.K.Traders Pakistan is dedicated to giving its clients services above and beyond what the industry requires.

It deals with enormous types of silicone oils used as active ingredients in numerous automotive, furniture, metal, speciality paste, emulsion, solvent-based polishes, and aerosols.

Among the many uses offered by the name are cosmetic ingredients, elastomer and plastics lubricants, electrical insulating fluid, foam preventative or breaker, mechanical fluid, mould release agent, and surfaces.

2. Hutaib Industrial Solution

The team at Hutaib Industrial Solutions is enthusiastic and qualified people who work hard to provide the finest services possible to the industrial sector, which needs high-quality polymers and chemicals.

Since the manufacturing sector is expanding quickly, it requires faster and more effective ways to get supplies. Fortunately, there is already one business that understands this requirement.

Through our superior commercial, technical, and e-services, Hutaib Industrial Solutions rises to the occasion and assists our clients in saving time and money.

Hutaib Industrial Solutions is committed to being the most trustworthy and competitive source of the best materials for clients from some of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers.

Hutaib relieves you with all types of fabric softening residing between the top leading silicone fluid makers since they are Silicone Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers in Pakistan. RESSISOFT QUARTZ, RESIL C845, RESSISOFT NT, and RESIL C910 are some of its best-selling goods. Their key characteristics differ across products and different Pakistani providers of silicone oil. But you’ll need to employ silicone oils, one of our many valuable chemicals, to manufacture nice cloth. Hutaib, a maker of amino silicone oils, has answers for all your textile problems.

3. Interglobe Enterprises

For more than 15 years, Interglobe Enterprises has served as an independent, authorised distributor of SAB International goods in Pakistan. Interglobe makes product suggestions and offers technical support. Interglobe can assist your business in finding solutions thanks to its knowledge of applications for the Oil and Gas Industry and assistance from the technical team at SAB International. Contact Interglobe Enterprises if you require industrial lubricants, adhesives, pastes, coatings, compounds, greases, oils, silicones, or sealants.

SAB International, a pioneer in silicone goods with its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan, works on a global scale. Interglobe is on the ground every day, assisting clients in making the most of SAB goods and reacting quickly to their inquiries, thanks to its strong local presence.

4. Hubei Shengbangfan International Trade Co., Ltd

The plant in Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, constructed in 1998, expanded its overseas trade section in 2022 and became Hubei Shengbangfan International Trade Co., Ltd. As a liquid silicone rubber producer and silicone rubber factory, Hubei Shengbangfan offers premium PDMS at competitive prices that may be utilised for silicone tubing, silicone rings, and other silicone items.

Additionally, Hubei offers silicone liquids that are customised based on the actual customer’s demands. At room temperature, it can react with crosslinking agents in the presence of catalysts to create a reaction product with many excellent properties, including excellent electrical properties, chemical stability, and good resistance to water, odour, and weather. It can also maintain good elasticity from -50°C to 250°C.

5. ClearCo Products

Silicone Fluids are the main emphasis of Clearco in the twenty-first century. Phenylmethyl silicones, silicone lubricants, PDMS silicone fluids, silicone thread finishes, heat transfer silicon fluids, silicone damping fluids, silicone bath fluids, silicone thread lubricants, food grade silicone lubricants, dielectric silicone fluids, silicone emulsions and greases, are all available from Clearco.

The goal of Clearco is to “make it easy” for both potential and current clients. The company understand how valuable everyone’s time is in our existing fast-paced society. Being aware of this, Clearco makes every effort to “make it easy” from the time you contact them.


A high-degree viscoelasticity polymer with several industrial applications is silicone oil. High thermal stability and extensive lubricating capabilities are two of silicone grease’s primary characteristics. Silicone Oil manufacturers provide such oil to their clients tailored to the specific viscosity needs of the manufacturing process.

So, whenever you look for silicone oil suppliers in Pakistan, always ensure all the characteristics and attributes present in the product.

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