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Pair These Tops with Jeans to Create Striking Outfit Combos

We can bet that you have several stellar pairs of jeans and Maria B velvet collection in your wardrobe. You must have this beloved closet filled with different types of jeans such as ripped, boot-cut, skinny, high-waisted, and so on. You love your high-waisted trendy flares and slouchy boyfriend denims but until they are not paired with some flattering tops, they don’t look good. If you are minimalist and inclined to casual dressing, you must wear jeans a lot. But pairing the trendy tops with them while stepping out becomes a challenge.

Don’t let yourself look boring by choosing similar styles all the time. We are going to suggest some great tops to pair with all the different types of jeans you own. Without a doubt, jeans are convenient, comfy, reliable, versatile, and classically chic. You can even sport a great look by pairing a kurta with dupatta with jeans. From silk blouses and classy blazers to chunky turtlenecks and edgy leather jackets, let’s turn your dressing game up a notch! Here are some inspiring ideas:

A Bright-Hued Striped Top

Browse your favorite stores and explore some great striped tops or sweaters to pair with your skinnies. Choosing bright hues will make your outfit flattering. You can add a pastel blazer for a classic effect. To complete the look, add ballet skimmers.

A Silk Blouse

Go for luxe fabrics when you are shopping for blouses. Fabrics like silk can really lift your appearance and make you look tasteful and sophisticated. To complete the look, wear a hot pair of heels and you are good to go to a dinner date, a luncheon or drinks with your besties!

A Wrap Top

It’s a great pick if you want to flaunt your toned waistline. Wrap tops cinch your waist and make you appear sleek and chic. Wrap tops have an effortless 70s vibe and that’s so much in vogue. Get behind and ahead of times with a wrap top!

Pairing a wrap top with boot cut jeans and heels will make you look all slicked up. Don’t forget to hold a clutch!

Classic White Blouse/Shirt

Timeless and classic! White looks great in every form with a legendary pair of jeans. White and denim are like a match made in heaven!

You can pair a white blouse or a button-down shirt with ripped denim jeans and statement heels. Or you can pair distressed dark blue jeans with a nice ash-white shirt to enhance your charm.

You can even rock a loose simple white shirt with cutout jeans in black. You can add slip-ons or sneakers to complete your look.

If you are off to hang out, wear naked sandals with your skinnies and put on a loose scarf over a white button-down shirt to pull off a hot and chic look. These sandals strap across the ankle and toes are a stunner.

Lacy Tops

Lace is essentially linked with occasional wear. If you want to dress up in a great way, pairing lacy tops with jeans is a striking idea. If it’s a formal dinner or a luncheon, add a neat blazer. But if you are sticking to a casual vibe, team a tough biker or moto jacket with a delicate lacy top. A lacy top is particularly a great pick if you are going on a date. Complete the whole look with ankle boots to add a refined touch.

Tucked in Tops and High Boots

To sport a bold look with high boots and tucked in tops. This combo will look perfect with a pair of super-skinny jeans. You don’t want your jeans to loosen up under your knee-high boots which is why skinnies are the right pick. Keep the color of your shoes and jeans contrasting to draw more attention to your legs!

Crop Tops

High-waisted jeans are a rage these days. If you have invested in a pair then get your hands on a few crop tops. They go well with high-rise jeans and heels. You can also get yourself a cropped sweater for an adorable look. If you want to flaunt your flattering mid-riff and make some heads turn to appreciate your charm, then crop tops and sweaters are an alluring option.

You can also sport a monochromatic look with black jeans and a black crop top. Wear a bold scarf to add color to your outfit. It will also keep you toasty warm!

Chic Tops and Blazers

Blazers are known to give your shoulders a defined look. They also add class and are great to rescue you on not-sure-what-to-wear days. Pair a collared shirt with a nude or neutral blazer and skinnies to pull off the perfect street style. Add a statement necklace and pumps to complete your look. You can also layer a skin-tight turtleneck with a boxy plaid blazer in camel. Slay this look with jeans or basic pants. Don’t forget to wear the Maria B jewellery.

Stimulate your creativity and play with these recommended looks. You are sure to stun people around!

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