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The biggest obstacles to building an ideal workforce in the manufacturing industry

2020 has proved to be a devastating year for many industries. Some industries witnessed plummeting growth while others had to deal with the direct wrath of the pandemic. But some industries have been hit harder than others and the manufacturing sector is one of those industries that dealt with the worst rage of the pandemic. 

Among all the consequences, the record increase in unemployment was the biggest concern for the manufacturing sector and now, when the dust has settled, every manufacturing company is finding it hard to locate, attract and recruit the right candidate for the right job vacancies. 

Even when the manufacturing industry is witnessing a rise in the number of people looking for work, a shortage of skill is still going to be a challenge for the HR team and this might increase the demand for a manufacturing recruiting agency in India

But before you delve into the options of dealing with the recruitment challenges of the manufacturing industry, it is important to understand the challenges first and that’s what we are going to do in this blog post. 

The problem of perception 

For a vast majority of job seekers, the image of the manufacturing industry is unappealing. There was even an observation published by Deloitte and in this observation, it was found that the younger generation of job seekers finds the manufacturing industry to be outdated and boring. 

In the survey published by Deloitte, it was found that 45% of the respondents have built a negative perception towards the manufacturing industry and this makes things more challenging for HR managers working in a manufacturing firm. 

Although there are many ways to solve this issue, seeking the help of a  manufacturing recruiting agency in India is what most manufacturing companies prefer. 

For female job seekers, the manufacturing industry is more unappealing in comparison to men. According to the data of the World Economic Forum, women make up only 20% of the manufacturing workforce and this number might decrease in the future. 

The proliferation of robotics and automation 

Historically, it was believed that the rise of technology will dissipate many jobs from the manufacturing industry. However, the studies show otherwise. It has been seen that the proliferation of technology has created more jobs. 

There was a study conducted by Deloitte in 2015 that showed that in the last 144 years. Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed. 

Another analysis conducted by Deloitte shows that if automation is used in the right way. It can positively affect employee engagement, productivity, and customer value. But it is the perception of people that is making the manufacturing industry choose manufacturing staffing services and solve the issue. 

All these positive effects haven’t changed the perception of people regarding the incorporation of technology in the manufacturing industry. Many job seekers still overlook the vacancies in the manufacturing industry. Because they aren’t sure about the future of the manufacturing industry while the facts say otherwise. 

Aging workforce

With youngsters finding manufacturing jobs to be unappealing. And with a lack of skill in the market, there is no surprise why the manufacturing sector is dependent on. An aging workforce that is on the verge of retirement. 

This might leave many job positions vacant soon and it might be difficult for manufacturing companies to fill these positions without manufacturing staffing services. In the U.S. only, a quarter of the workforce in the manufacturing industry is over the age of 55. 

Furthermore, manufacturing is one of those four industries in the world that accounts for nearly half of the 50+ age group workforce. But it is not only the mass job vacancies created because of retirement that is worrying. The manufacturing companies as loss of expertise. And knowledge is a much bigger concern. And this can only be solved by partnering with a manufacturing staffing services agency.

Socio-economical changes

Apart from all the above-mentioned factors that are posing a serious threat to recruitment in the manufacturing industry and making companies choose a manufacturing staffing services agency, the social-economical changes are also making recruitment in the manufacturing industry an arduous task. 

COVID-19 has hit the manufacturing industry so hard that even after 2 years of its surge. The manufacturing industry still hasn’t been able to recover. The pandemic has forced companies to find new ways to work to meet the new demands. And the changing market landscape. Even the demand for manufacturing recruiting firm India spiked during the pandemic. 

Even several political changes like Brexit continue to have a severe impact on the manufacturing industry. According to the government data, it has been found that several EU nationals have begun leaving after the Brexit vote. All these changes and uncertainties have raised the demand for a manufacturing recruiting firm in India. 

By the look of things, recruiting in the manufacturing industry is not going to get better. Since you can’t change people’s perceptions and the aging workforce overnight. But what you can do is outsource recruitment to a third-party company that specializes in the manufacturing industry. This way, you can save money and still find the cream of the crops in your industry.

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