Top 9 Indispensable Car Devices for Your Trip to Ibiza

Ibiza island is a delightful place for a vacation or a family trip. To enjoy it to the fullest, you should take care of renting a car to move around the sultry island. Do not burn alive in the sun or crowd in public transport – make your trip a dream come true while driving a car.
In this article, we will tell you what car accessories you should buy for a trip to Ibiza and what are their advantages.

At Ibiza Airport, you will come across many car rentals with different pricing policies, and all sorts of vehicles to choose from. You can hesitate for a long time in indecision under the onslaught of various car rental companies. 

Rental car Ibiza: car selection

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Car gadgets that will definitely come in handy


Powerbank is a portable battery that is indispensable on the road. Take one or more power banks on your trip to Ibiza – so you can keep your electronic devices working longer.

A portable fridge

A portable refrigerator is a perfect solution for traveling to the hot island of Ibiza. Keep drinks chilled and don’t worry about food spoiling on the road. A small portable refrigerator can be connected to the car’s power supply. In addition, the refrigerator is a good organizer. A great solution if you do not go to catch drinks all over the trunk and car interior.

Bluetooth headset

A telephone conversation distracts the driver from the road, especially if the phone is held by hand near the ear. Get a Bluetooth headset to make driving safer. Modern devices have additional options for driver comfort: voice alerts, multi-device connectivity, and noise cancellation.

A GPS navigator

You might think that these devices are outdated, but today many drivers still use them. Your smartphone can serve as your navigator on a trip, but in this way, the battery of the phone quickly runs out, and the phone itself becomes a map – without other options. Install a GPS navigator in your car and use your smartphone as intended. Read Also about: car rental in Bengaluru

Phone car holder

Forget about putting your smartphone on your lap or dashboard if you don’t want to get into an accident. The safest way to peek at your phone while driving is to secure your smartphone in front of your eyes in a comfortable position with a holder.

USB car adapter

The USB car adapter is an ingenious car accessory for travelers. This device can be connected to the accessory/cigarette lighter port where the voltage is too high to charge a phone or tablet. The adapter converts the voltage to 5 volts, charging your gadgets from the car battery. Read Also : car rentals in Hyderabad

A travel camera

Our memories fade with time – stop that from happening by taking your digital camera on your trip. Capture the highlights of your journey so you can relive them years later. Also, photos can be great souvenirs or postcards.

Wireless car charger

Forget about cables for recharging your phone – they only litter the interior of the car and get lost at the wrong time. This device will provide you with wireless phone charging. Modern models combine several useful functions:

  • charging through the case
  • mobile phone mount
  • overheat protection
  • smart charging and identification
  • fast charging option

A portable vacuum cleaner

A compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner will definitely come in handy on a trip, especially if the car is rented. If you spilled chips, ash, or your dog left hair on the seat – don’t worry, the vacuum cleaner will easily fix this problem.


We wrote about all the necessary devices that will be useful to you on a road trip to Ibiza. To make sure your trip will be successful, also read the article Ibiza Travel Advice for First-Timers for more helpful tips.

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