When is The Right Time to Switch to a Dedicated Hosting India

When is The Right Time to Switch to a Dedicated Hosting India?

Over the past few years, the online business industry has undergone a tremendous amount of change which has led to a very promising future for the web hosting business. Whether you have a well-established company or a startup company this is crucial to have a secure environment. The primary objective of every business is to serve excellent services to their clients and for that you need a server that offers high performance and full control of your website. 

The dedicated hosting service provider offers the client the RAM, CPU, and disk space they need, as well as granting them permission to completely use the server’s resources. As the name express, a dedicated server is given to a only client and you can do anything your website requires. 

In this post, we discuss when is the correct time to invest money in Dedicated hosting in India. So read out the complete article and let’s start. 

Correct Time to go Through Dedicated Server Hosting India 

Enhance Performance and Security 

When you choose a Dedicated server in India this will give a 100% uptime guarantee whereas shared hosting is a better option at that time when a website receives a low to medium amount of traffic. And with a dedicated server, you cannot share server space with any malicious website. This server gives a high level of security and gives a guarantee not to share sensitive and confidential data. 

When Downtime is Very Expensive 

You may also incur losses if your site goes down due to poor server performance. There is a high chance that you may lose many leads. To avoid all these situations it is important to choose a reliable and secure India Dedicated server. 

You Have an E-commerce Website Operating 24*7 

Those companies that generate revenue 24X7 could be at risk if they suffer a downtime. Suppose your customer cannot browse your entire product on a website and go through a competitor’s website then will affect a negative effect on your business. 

You Need Exceptional Hosting Features 

In addition, if you require extra backup, additional redundancy, high server specifications, and software then you need to choose a Dedicated Hosting India. A dedicated server is specially designed to fulfill all the website requirements and gives advanced features. 

Website Experiences Peak Hours at Times 

On the festival, if a website receives huge traffic then an ideal option is to choose an India dedicated server hosting. This is especially beneficial for E-commerce websites that give discounts and offer to their website. So that this type of website receives huge traffic so a better option is to choose a dedicated server. 

How to Buy a Dedicated Hosting India? 

You can buy a dedicated server India From a web hosting provider. And in the market, you have a lot of options in choosing a provider. You search on the internet and see the results. But you should choose the best provider who gives excellent and satisfactory results to its customers. I recommend a Hostbillo Hosting Solution to buy a dedicated server service at an affordable price. Hostbillo comes in a reputed and trusted web hosting provider list. Also, Hostbillo gives totally satisfactory results to its customers. Further Hostbillo has a highly responsive technical team who are ready to solve technical problems when any customer faces them. 

When you buy a dedicated Hosting India from Hostbillo then the following advantages you will get:- 

  • Hostbillo gives a 99.90% Uptime guarantee with its India dedicated hosting plan. 
  • Hostbillo gives an SSL certificate with its dedicated server India plan. Further, you cannot pay anything for an SSL certificate. This is completely free. 
  • Hostbillo offers 24*7 instant technical support to their customers. 
  • Hostbillo gives a high level of security with its dedicated server hosting India plans. 
  • Hostbillo gives a choice to their customer in choosing an operating system. 
  • If any customers are dissatisfied with Hostbillo’s dedicated hosting India plans then they give a 7 days credit back guarantee.  
  • You can easily fight against DDOS attacks because Hostbillo gives DDOS protection with its Dedicated server in India plans and packages. 
  • Hostbillo cannot charge in the setup of the dedicated hosting. 


To run a website successfully and meets all the requirements then the ideal option is to choose an India Dedicated Server Hosting. This is a perfect option and fulfills all the website requirements. Also, this is best for handling the huge volume of traffic. And you cannot face any downtime. Further your website loads the pages as much as possible and this will helps in SEO ranking also. 

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