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Do’s And Don’ts For Topic Selection Of Process Essay

You may get various writing tasks when completing your college or university degree. These writing tasks have a significant value in the completion of your degree. Students find it difficult to complete these writing tasks because they think they are very complicated and need instruction. However, writing an essay requires your capability of thinking and analysing. There are numerous types of essays that students must write during their studies.

Writing a process essay is one of the writing tasks you need to complete your degree. This type of essay is used to provide proper guidance on any process. Before writing a process essay, you need to select the topic. Most students make mistakes during the selection of the topic for their essays. They realize their mistakes when they start writing their essays on those topics.

It would be best if you make sure of some following do’s and don’ts while selecting the topic for the process essay.

Before discussing do’s and don’ts, you first need to understand the definition of the process essay.

What is the process essay?

A process essay explains the step-by-step procedure of different works, like a recipe for making something, any event, how to buy anything, and vice versa.

Now, let’s start with the dos and don’ts for the topic selection of the process essay.

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Do’s for the topic selection

Select the topic that fits in the length of your essay

The major mistake students make during selecting the topic for their process essays is that they can select a topic that is too broad or too narrow. Suppose you are writing an essay of 3 pages, and you select a topic that needs more word count or details. Then it is not possible to summarise your discussion in just 3 pages. You must require more words in order to complete the discussion of your topic. On the other hand, if you select a topic that is too narrow for your essay. Then it is impossible to write up to the appropriate length of your essay. In both cases, you struggle to fit your essay to your required length. Thus, make sure that whatever topic you select must cover the required length of your essay.

Select the topic that needs analysis rather than summarisation

The process essay is also called process analysis, which means you have to present the analysis of your topic in the essay. For this sake, you must select a topic on which you can present an analysis to prove your arguments. Do not select a narrow topic that needs summarisation to complete the discussion.

Must be from your area of interest

Another big mistake a student makes while selecting a topic is that they select a topic that does not belong to their area of interest. Because of this, the research does not fascinate them. Which results in they start making mistakes and struggling during the completion of their essays. To avoid this problem, you must select a topic to write a process essay from your area of interest. However, if you cannot crack your area of interest, talk to the writer of essay writing services UK. He can help you select a good topic as per your area of interest.

Don’ts for the topic selection

Avoid selecting boring topics

Students can make a major mistake by selecting a topic that is too boring for the audience. The objective of writing a process essay is to provide the audience with step-by-step guidance on any process. But if the audience finds your topic too boring, they can’t read your essay, which leads to the failure of your essay. So do not select a topic that is too boring for your essay.

Avoid selecting a topic that needs a negative point in their discussion

Ensure you don’t select a topic that needs negative points to end your discussion. Negativity in your process essay may lead your essay toward a breakdown. So, select a topic that doesn’t require any adverse points to complete your discussion.

Avoid selecting a general topic

You must not select a topic that is, in general, and almost every student is writing their process essays on that topic. Because if you select a general topic, the readers have already read many articles on it. So they can’t find their interest in reading your essay. Which results in them, that they try to avoid reading your essay.


You get multiple writing tasks during your studies, such as essays, letters, stories, assignments, dissertations, and research papers. Writing a process essay is a type of essay that is used when an author wants to explain any process to their audience. These processes are of any type; they may be a recipe for cooking like chicken steaks or anything, may explain any event, etc.

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