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All You Need To Know About Engine Braking- Pros and Cons

Engine Braking is when the drivers take their foot off the accelerator and shift down the gears to slow down the car’s speed. It helps to increase the engine’s efficiency and makes the car’s brakes last longer.

In standard vehicles, in order to break the engine, the driver must focus on limiting the airflow to the engine. The car brake pads in standard gasoline vehicles use decelerated forces to decrease the speed of the rotating wheels. 

The car accessories online stores  boast a collection of these brakes for the latest engines. Its ultimate goal is to perfect the driving experience for the user with every use. 

When the driver takes their foot off the gas pedal or the accelerator, it causes the throttle body valve to close suddenly. Despite this, the engine will continue to suck in air, but as the throttle body valve remains closed, the amount of air that reaches the engine is very small.   

However, how will one use the brakes? Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of engine braking for your car.

Why Is Engine Braking Good?  

Reduces Wear and Tear on Your Vehicles’ Tires

Friction is the essence of the brake system focused on slowing down your vehicle. With constant use, the friction will tear down the vehicle parts, eventually slowing it down. Friction causes the rotor to wear down, making it lose its effectiveness. The driver can apply the footbrake at a slower pace for a shorter time with engine braking and normal braking.    

Engine braking comes in handy during journeys that include long descents on mountains and hills. While driving down a slope, it overheats the brakes when one presses on the brakes for a long time. The constant repetition reduces the braking ability, eventually causing permanent damage to the braking system. This process is otherwise known as “brake fade.” Downhill engine brakes result in less heat, allowing less wearing and safety descent. read also about : mumbai to goa distance

Assures Longevity for Your Engine

First, let’s do away with the myth that “engine braking will not harm your engine at all.” This is not true for all cases and even in the long run. Engines sport the features to handle the running of at least a thousand revs every minute for hours on end. Changing the gears down at times can cause a lot of jerking. However, it will not inflict any damage. This is good for the engine, and the design for it had the braking feature in mind in the first place. 

Brakes have evolved over time, from drum brakes to new ones, but the core system remains the same. It is preferable that the engine gradually shifts up or down through the gears instead of going from 5th to 2nd directly. Additionally, this process is far more fuel proficient as the braking stops the fuel consumption. On the flip side, fuel gets consumed in large quantities in other instances as opposed to putting the car in neutral mode or braking. A person uses less fuel when they pull away in a lower gear in contrast to doing the same in high gear at low speeds. The drivers end up with a safer and more economical drive that is bound to last longer.

Take Control in Icy Situations

Another parameter that calls for the use of braking in vehicles is the icy conditions of the terrain the car travels on. Icy roads mean slippery and accident-prone roads. These roads run a high risk of making the cars’ wheels lock and skid by using the brakes. The driver may panic and slam the brake pedal, but this can get fatal.  read also about : delhi to mussoorie distance

Engine braking reduces this deadly risk by slowing down the vehicle without using the brakes. This allows the driver to control the car’s speed while turning the wheels, even in icy conditions.

Navigate Congested Traffic Smoothly

Your vehicle can maintain safe intervals if they ease off the accelerator instead of applying brakes. The brake lights are a warning to the person behind you. Therefore, remember to turn on the brake light on time to avoid congestion in the traffic. The brake puts you in a position to react swiftly if something happens.

A lower gear can help you to slow down or speed up depending on how you want to avoid an oncoming driving hazard. A high gear at a low speed uses more power, thereby increasing the stalling. Also, sudden brakes may cause the car behind you to drive into you. 

Lightweight Products

The products do not weigh a lot when compared to traditional braking systems. The products are easy to install and can work with various vehicles with little effort. Since the braking system is modern, the system’s lightweight quality ensures the car’s good performance. Using the product will not let you compromise on the performance of the car.

Safety Tips to Keep In Mind While Braking

Using engine brakes will not illuminate the brake light of your car. It means the cars behind you will not know that you are slowing down. If your car is running in a low gear initiating the braking process will not yield good results. Doing this will result in the clutch and transmission wearing out faster than usual. The transmission engine must match the flywheel speed/engine speed with the wheel speed. you may need to know about delhi to chandigarh distance

Can Braking Harm The Vehicle?

Harm to the vehicle is relative. It depends on how close the RPM is to the red line and the time length it stays there. To avoid unnecessary gears and clutch plate strains, one must remember to risk the transmission system. It is better not to overuse engine braking frequently. Here is a list of how to avoid harm to your vehicle in the process of braking:

  • Avoid shifting to low gear at high speeds. The engine gets strained due to this.
  • Avoid skipping gears. After shifting a gear, give it ample time to adjust before shifting another one.
  • Stop overusing engine brakes specifically, with an automatic transmission.

Ensures the Safety of the Vehicle

The supplemental engine braking system helps to improve vehicle control. It gives the driver the liberty to drive worry-free on highways and busy roads in the countryside. Additionally, heavy trailer or caravan drivers can easily manage their vehicles when they take a left or right turn.

The engine braking system at Carorbis provides security for your family ensuring your safety and the vehicle’s pristine condition. Here at Carorbis you will find the one-stop solution to all your car accessories.

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