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Stylish & Unique Cake Ideas For The Wedding Season

Nothing can make you happier than a lavish wedding cake that is both delicious and stylish. Dessert trends change, but nothing beats a delectable cake that appeals to more than one of your senses. Your favorite type of wedding cake is one that stands out by complementing your wedding decor. To make this special moment even more enjoyable, couples can now select from a range of cakes that reflect their taste and flair. 

Here are some ideas for wedding cakes that you can pick one of them as per your choice and make your special occasion more wonderful. So, let’s start it.

Traditional Wedding Cake

A white wedding cake is the most conventional wedding cake design. White creamy butterscotch has always been spread on the top of classic wedding cakes with an icing spatula. You also order wedding cakes online and get this yummy cake at your desired place on time.

Naked Wedding Cake

Skipping the icing totally is a growing trend for brides who are having rustic-themed weddings. Naked cakes are the freshest and most popular trend in wedding cake design. This is when the cake’s sides are revealed and the entire wedding cake is naked.

Floral Wedding Cake

Choose a flowery wedding cake if you are planning a spring wedding or if your wedding theme involves a lot of floral components. This is when your baker adds fresh flowers as a decorative element to your cake. Adding a natural element to your wedding cake, whether its lilies or just greenery, may lend an artistic touch.

Tiered Wedding Cake

If you are planning a big wedding, you definitely need a multi-tiered wedding cake. A classic wedding cake that includes 3 levels looks so pretty.

Beautiful Design White Wedding Cake

White cakes layered in unusual ways and decorated with white icing in geometric motifs are popular among couples who like a basic, yet captivating, modern style. If you want a simple and elegant wedding cake, this is a fantastic option.

Watercolor Wedding Cake

Cakes that look to be decorated with watercolor are a wonderful trend for art lovers. The edible “paint” is frequently applied delicately and can be used to decorate the cake with beautiful blooms, geometric patterns, ombré, or practically any other design couple can imagine. This is the design to go for if you want an ethereal cake.

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Consider a cake that is absolutely oozing with chocolate if you enjoy everything chocolatey. To do so, bakers fill a squeeze bottle with ganache and delicately apply it to the cake. If you want to go all-in on chocolate, get a chocolate wedding anniversary cake with chocolate filling and have it covered with your favorite flavor treats. 

Beautiful Gold Wedding Cake

A plain gold cake may be for you if you like the warmth of gold but don’t want the sparkle. This cake may be completely covered in edible gold flakes, ringed with gold flakes, or made to appear as though gold is streaming down the side of the white surface. Some couples also like to add one or two full white flowers to it.

Cozy Winter Wedding Cake

Make your cake ooze the comfort, joy, and crispness of winter by decorating it with winter favorites like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, sugar-coated cranberries, and anything else that reminds you of this joyous season.

Macaron Wedding Cake

Beautiful macarons will provide a French touch to your wedding dessert. Keep the tiered wedding cake basic, and then garnish each layer with these delectable dessert delights in the color of your wedding.

Rainbow Wedding Cake

If your wedding has a rainbow theme, you may have a lot of fun with a colorful cake. This cake flawlessly combines color and texture, with a pastel take on the rainbow to keep things stylish.

Monogram Wedding Cake

For a beautiful touch, adorn your cake with your couple’s monogram. If you have a monogram on your stationery, you may have it copied by your cake maker to ensure that everything matches.  You also send cake online to Delhi to a newly wedded couple for wishing them on their new journey.

These are truly unique and beautiful wedding cake ideas that surely help you to make your special day more memorable.

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