The Where, Why, and How of Foam Flooring Tiles

The Where, Why, and How of Foam Flooring Tiles

We are pretty sure that you have seen Foam Flooring Tiles in a lot of places but had no idea that those were known as foam tiles. By courtesy of their virtual characteristics, these tiles have grown to become a popular choice among homeowners and businesses alike. For example, the flooring that you will find at most gyms and also when it comes to Garden Flooring, soft foam tiles are the best choices out there. People nowadays are preferring softer floors for kids, gyms, playrooms, and studios. In this blog, we will be taking a look at everything that you need to know about Foam Tiles. So, let’s start.

Foam Flooring Tiles- What are they made of?

When it comes to Foam Flooring Tiles, they are made up of three types of materials, namely: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA), Polyurethane(PU), and Polyethylene(PE). Let us discuss each of the three types separately:

  • EVA Foam Tiles: Owing to its closed-cell design, it is firmer than open-cell foam. It is the same polymer that is used in the manufacture of colorful flip-flops. Moreover, these, are soft and flexible, making them perfect contenders for Garden Flooring and also reminds us of rubber.
  • PE Foam Tiles: These Foam Flooring Tiles are offered in a closed-cell design and are more durable. They are adept in delivering the firmness that is an absolute must in gymnasiums, for Garden Flooring, or for the flooring of certain sports gyms like gymnastics and wrestling. These tiles are sometimes used to cover concrete floors also.
  • PU Foam Tiles: If you are looking for something that offers the maximum amount of cushion, then PU Flooring might just be the right way to go for. These tiles are so designed that they can absorb impact on the floors with ease and thereby return to their original shape immediately. Foam Flooring Tiles also find wide applications in memory foam pillows.

Foam Flooring Tiles: Areas of Application

Foam Flooring Tiles can offer you a lot of flexibility. This is possible as they are available in a wide plethora of textures and colors such as leather, faux, tatami, and thatch. The cushioned and comfortable nature of these tiles make them a great choice for kid’s rooms and playgrounds, and also as a good option for Garden Flooring. These tiles find wide applications in the interiors of gyms, yoga training floors, martial arts gyms, and also in dog training floors. In recent times, these tiles have also been seen to be used extensively in trade shows, offices, and even kitchens. And if you are someone who is suffering from issues such as joint and muscle pains.

 Foam Flooring Tiles: The Configuration Factor

Foam Flooring Tiles can be cut to fit in a wall-to-wall installation. And this is what makes them entirely popular in this entire ecosystem of the tiles sector. They feature a puzzle-type edge which makes them easy to install. They can be easily popped together with very little force. Even in areas that have to witness high foot traffic, these tiles are so designed that they can stay together tightly. The tiles are less than 1 inch in thickness and that is what makes them easier to cut as per the required specifications.

The Good Ones of Installing Foam Flooring Tiles

Owing to the soft nature of Foam Flooring Tiles, they bring a plethora of advantages to the table, and are heavily used in Garden Flooring, flooring for physical activities, and also in kid’s areas. Besides the safety advantages and cushioning that these tiles have on offer, there are a few more advantages that these tiles bring to the table. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Water-absorbing capacity is less and hence can easily hold water spills and wet feet and that is what makes them ideal for pets and kids.
  • Foam Flooring Tiles are easy to clean and are also good noise-absorbents and this is why they find wide applications in gyms, and playschools and also as an enticing proposition when it comes to Garden Flooring.
  • Owing to the interlocking nature of these tiles, they do not need any adhesive to be glued to the floor.
  • They add insulation and that is something that becomes pretty useful during winter.
  • These tiles are very easy to install and are also easy on the pockets.

Final Take:

So, these were some of the myriad advantages that Foam Flooring Tiles bring to the table. Purchase them from reputed sellers, install them in your garden, and take your Garden Flooring requirements absolutely to the next level.




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