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Tips To Measure The Dimensions For The Sectional Sofa In Living Room

The house’s interior has always been a subject of interest among family members. They also agree that one particular pattern/ design/ furniture is a bit difficult to maintain. However, one definite product has the pull which binds them together, i.e., the sectional sofa in living room. Like the name suggests, the sectional sofa can be divided into parts, and many different parts can be combined to make one big sofa. 

However, while selecting the sectional sofas, one must understand that these are big enough to occupy a large space. So, before you jump to buy the sectionals, take the measurements of your space. Tips are provided to measure the sections:

Measuring a Sectional

To measure a sectional is a more complex task than measuring a simple sofa. However, a sectional sofa can be easily measured if you have it before and wish to shift it to a new place. Or, maybe you are buying a sectional, and the source/ person does not have the dimensions. 

The length and width of the sectionals are the main concern while having the measurement taken. Take a measuring tape to get the proportions of the length and width of the sofa. Note the height of the sofa from the floor to the arms and from the floor to the back of the sofa. 

Taking the measurements of a spiral sectional is hard compared to conventional sections. To ensure that no part of the sectional stands out, use masking or painter’s tape and make a rectangular area around the section. As soon as the rectangular section is created, take the area measurements. These measurements must match the area’s dimensions which would easily let the sectional in. 

Though there are no ideal specifications available for the measurements of the sectionals, one can opt for the general specifications for the measurements of the sectional sofa in living room. Use these dimensions to measure the sectionals:

Sectional Dimensions

Since the sectionals are normally customized, no proper size dimensions are available. Although, keep in mind the proportions to measure the sectional sofas in living room. However, the sectional sofas have varied sizes 2-piece, 3-piece, or 4-piece, the rest depending upon the sizes you and your place are comfortable with. The following mentioned measurements are for the 3-piece sectional sofa:

Overall length: This talks about the combined measurement of the right-hand(left-hand) loveseat and the corner seat. However, 95” and 156” length is the overall length of the sectional. 

Overall width: Including the back of the sofa, it is the total dimensions of the components. The left-hand chaise, the armless loveseat in the middle, and the corner chair on the right side are included in the proportions. The overall length is normally smaller than the overall width, usually 94” and 168” wide.

Other measurements: Interior measurements are necessary if you wish to pair your sectional with a centerpiece, floor poofs, or a coffee table.

Measure For A Sectional Sofa

Use a measuring tape to measure the room’s length, width, and height, If you want to measure the living room for the sectional sofa. It will work as the baseline for the sectional you wish to buy and will provide you with a description of the space. 

Measuring the doorways, hallways, and other areas is equally necessary as sectional will be carried inside while passing through the mentioned areas. Many situations have arisen where the legs of the sectional have to be removed to let the sectional enter through the narrow spaces. However, if a sectional does not go through the front door, avoid buying it.  

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