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If you believe that there is heaven on earth then it is here. Kashmir is in northern India which is the best traveling destination. You’ll surely see many beautiful places in India but nothing as well beautiful as Kashmir here you will see landscape that will totally be looking like scenic beauty and icy glaciers along with the lofty mountains as the beauty of Kashmir. You can go there in any season because every season have their own beauty. This place will enhance your travel experience with its uniqueness and it’s people living in it along with their culture , cuisines and their history will enhance your travel experience.¬†

If you want to visit a wonderful area like Kashmir. There are various treks in Kashmir, such as the Tarsar-Marsar trek.


You should once in your life visit shrinagar also it is also called as the sole of Kashmir. It is among one of the most popular Holi destination of Kashmir. This place will Take you deep in the nature and you will feel the healing touch of Nature. read also about : Travel Mozi

Many people visit here to come close to the nature’s heart many artists come their as well as many families goes their. This place which is called as Kashmir looks heavenly at the time of winters when everything is covered with snow and this lead to open opportunities for many snow activities such as skiing snowboarding etc. But in summer this place looks like a dreamy place.


¬†During summer Gulmargmarg you will feel as if you are in a fantasy world.veryy scenic view at that place will make you feel so good. Bethereheir is the best part and what you will feel is that you lly lost in the beautiful mountains and then you’ll pass through hills and valleys covered by clouds. One of the most popular tourist destinations of KashmirGulmargm arg. But yes the place is slowly turninintogameea peaceful place again and many people like Indian tourists and many foreign tourists vithemheir for their holidespeciallyally in the winter season. Besides this there are Mountainair lovers also who come to vithereheir and do a lot of trekking also.

Most of the trio goes through the cloud-kissed mountains huge glaciers and freshwater lakes can also be seen and the mesmerizing waterfalls which you’ll love seeing. And also an opportunity to be with the local people.

It is not important that if you want to go for a trek in Kashmir then you have to be an experienced trekker what you have to be is just haveinterestrestt in wood mountains and the natural beauty as well as trekking then you would love that. This trek is not tough just moderate in nature but yes sometimes it can be difficult for the first timers. If you want to feel and cherish the beauty then a better experience you need to take the local people with you as a guide soo tha they could take you for the best experince tha which you would love and can the ake best memories along with you. read also about : sindhi camp bus stand

The best time for this sport is from June mid-Octoberber. There are many adventurous and beautiful trekking spots in Kashmir.


When you will start of Gulmargmarg there is a popular skiing destination which is Baramullaulla distrithich takes a 3 hours drive fSrinagaragar and twalkswalk towards the mountains full of snow in khilanmarg which is 1500 ft above fGulmargmarg. This trekking can take 3-4 days to complete. You can also have a view of nanga parbat from khalinmarg which is cal as the nineteenth highest mountinnthe worthlold Then the next day you have to go to lack Tosca Madiaadia an exotic meadow in the Belgaum district, from the khagan villrearyard yard to the Yamhillsstationfrom the Romushi Nala stream. From here you’ll get a busSrinagaragar which is just 2 hrs away. Beautiful valleys and lakes in KKasichwill offer you the best activity also with the trekking experience the adventurous outdoor sports. The campaign in Kashmir is among the best activity which can be enjoyed with your family and friends. This is the best place for travel as well as for those loveoves adventures.

Himalayaslaya peak

From the Himalayaslaya peak which is at an altitude of 2370 me,ters the meadow of snow shines the brightest. One of the most popuplaceslace to visit is the countryside this is the best place to visit a hill station with the family. This can be cal as a place you will feel more alive in.

Betaab valley is a plapatheticll take you to the land of secure serenity. You will feel more alive after the healing touch of nature.


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