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Factors Affecting Hip Replacement Surgery Cost

The well-being of our hips is important as they assist us in a number of activities. Nowadays, a lot of cases have been observed in which people find difficulties on their hip. It can be due to problems in the hip joint. Some cases are temporary, while some can settle with medicines, injections, and physical therapy sessions. But, when all such things don’t work and the patient doesn’t obtain relief, he may need to undergo a surgical procedure. Here we are talking about hip replacement surgery. Also known as hip arthroplasty, it involves replacing the damaged portions of the hip joint with artificial parts. Now, in such cases, there can be a query in mind regarding hip replacement surgery cost in India.

This hip careful treatment is undeniably challenging and needs the appropriate prescription and furthermore severe bed rest to furnish your joints with sufficient help they need. Ordinarily, hip agony is brought about by osteoarthritis break, aseptic bone rot, and rheumatoid joint pain. Sometimes, these conditions can improve, however there is no lasting remedy for joint agony. In extreme cases, it can’t be even constrained by recovery and drug. At the point when this happens, a few patients have confronting a lot of intricacy in strolling just as debilitated development blocks every day exercises. To manage this condition, a few patients settle on hip substitution medical procedure. This includes the rejection of harmed hips just as substitute with a prosthesis.

So, in the given section, we will make you aware of some points on which the cost of this surgical procedure depends. But, before that, let’s know something about the hip joint and why a person requires a hip replacement.

About The Hip Joint

Our hip is known to be a ball-and-socket joint. The ball is called the femoral head, whereas the socket is called the acetabulum. There is a presence of cartilage in the healthy hip that covers both the ball and the socket. Cartilage helps them to glide together smoothly. If there is damage to the cartilage, the bone will come in contact with each other and become rough. This condition, known as osteoarthritis, can contribute to pain and movement problems.

When Hip Replacement is Required?

Here are some conditions when hip replacement becomes necessary:

  • Serious pain in the hip that can make walking difficult, trouble your sleep, or daily life activities.
  • A pain in which medicines get unable to bring relief.
  • Stiffness in the hip side that contributes to restricted motion.

Factors On Which Hip Replacement Surgery Cost Depends

1. Surgeon’s Experience

Hip replacement surgery proves to be major orthopedic surgery and requires a hand of perfection. For the surgery to become successful there is a great role of the surgeon’s experience. If he or she has already performed successful surgeries at an earlier time, there will be more possibilities of getting positive outcomes. But, at the same time, those orthopedic surgeons who are highly experienced and known to perform such kinds of surgeries may charge more than the average cost. So, if you take help from such professionals, you need to remember this point.

2. Hospital

You will need to look for the best hospital that offers low cost hip replacement surgery with good facilities. Some hospitals will display a fair amount for the surgery. While you may expect higher rates in some hospitals according to their facilities and the presence of the surgeon. Additionally, few things may also lead to some changes in the overall surgical cost. For example, the number of days a patient stays in the hospital and the kind of room preferred by him.

3. Kind Of Surgery

A hip replacement surgery can be performed in different ways. For example,

  • Partial Hip Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Hip Revision Replacement

4. Implant Used In The Surgery

Three separate implants are fixed during a hip replacement surgery. The first one is a stem, then the ball and the socket. They can be of different materials like metal, ceramic, synthetic linear, etc. All these stuff may have dissimilarities in the costs. Thus, they can create an impact on the hip replacement surgery cost.

5. Pre And Post-Surgery Cost

Some tests and examinations will take place for diagnosing the patient’s condition. So, you also need to bear in mind about the cost of such procedures. Along with that, the patient may require rehabilitation and physical therapy after the surgery. In such cases, you’ll have to pay the physical therapist as well.

6. Location

Many cities in India have renowned hospitals that are specialized to deliver superior facilities in the orthopedics department. Some of them can also offer low cost hip replacement surgery. So, if there is a need to have this kind of surgical procedure, you need to carry out some investigation. If you’re getting appropriate facilities at decent costs in the nearby cities as compared to your locality, it will be better to move there.

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