Ultimate Ethernet Cables: Cat6 Shielded Bare Copper

There are only so many ethernet cables that you can choose from. The ultimate of which is the Cat6 shielded bare copper.

These ethernet cables are the quintessential high-performance ethernet cables with a 10 gigabit per second data transfer rate over 50 meters. Over 100 meters though, the data transfer speed of these cables reaches a maximum of 1 GBit/s.

In this blog, we will uncover the facts that make the Cat6 ethernet cable 1000ft so-called ultimate ethernet cables. Keep reading.

What it means to be “The Ethernet Cables”?

The ethernet cables or ultimate ethernet cables mean that their specs are most desirable and their price most affordable. These two main features put these cables in a sweet spot for consumers. 

From big businesses to individual installers, everyone wants the bare copper cat6 to install in the LAN networks.

Note that beyond the seemingly simplistic terms ‘specifications’ and ‘affordable’, there is more to know about these cables. 

Cat6 Shielded Bare Copper 

These are the most sought-after ethernet cables. The shielded bare copper Cat6 cables have the specifications required for both residential as well as commercial networks. 

Shielded Cable 

The shielded Cat6 cable means that it has an extra layer of protection against EMI and interference. This extra layer of protection or shielding is integrated just beneath the cable jacket. 

Shielding in shielded cables is made from either a metal foil or a braided wire mesh. What it does is essential blocks the rays of electromagnetic interference and external noise. 

This interference and external noise would otherwise affect the quality of signals and also slow them down. 

Bare Copper

The bare copper conductors or the pure copper conductors are other important features of the Cat6 shielded cables. 

 Bare copper ensures that the quality of signal transmission over the shielded cables is flawless without loss in data packets.

Over long distances, the bare copper or 100% pure copper nature of the conductors comes in very handy. 

It essentially makes the cable capable of handling high-capacity applications. Moreover, you can use PoE with all of your compatible devices with these conductors. 

Types of Cat6 Shielded Bare Copper Cable

The cable is more or less uniform across all of its types. However, the cable jacket of the Cat6 changed. 

There are two basic types of jackets. Plenum and Riser. These cable jackets define the type of the Cat6 shielded bare copper cable. 

For example, the Cat6 cable with the plenum jacket is known as Cat6 shielded plenum bare copper. Similarly, the one with the riser jacket is known as Cat6 shielded riser bare copper. 

Cat6 Shielded Plenum 

The Cat6 shielded plenum cable with bare copper conductors has its own particular use.

Other than the cable core, the plenum-rated jacket is the highlight of this cable. It can withstand high temperatures without catching fire. 

In case of a fire event, it does not emit toxic smoke which is a very important specification. 

In indoor use, the cable is run in vertically open spaces. These spaces include the ducts above dropped ceilings and below raised floors.

Moreover, these cables are also used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts).

Cat6 Shielded Riser

The Cat6 Shielded Riser Cable is the second type of Cat6 bare copper 1000ft. It comes with a riser jacket which is what’s unique about it.

The riser cable is designed to limit the propagation of flame in case of a fire hazard. It is coated with a fire-retardant material that makes it highly resistant to flame. It is tested for vertical fire propagation as well. Because this cable is installed in indoor vertical runs.

Despite its being fire-retardant, the cable jacket can emit toxic smoke in case of a fire event. And that is why it is recommended to be installed in indoor environments with no freely circulating air. Particularly in elevator shafts, inside walls, and between floors.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits of using the Cat6 Shielded 1000ft. But it is not without its disadvantages.

Where this cable has high-speed data transfer rates, it is also relatively expensive. Its shielding makes it rather tricky to install as well as compared to its counterparts. 

Here are all the pros and cons of Cat6 shielded 1000ft cable. 



Highly Efficient Expensive
Fast Data Rates Tricky to install
Minimum EMI 
Best for Commercial Use
Well-suited for Residential use

How and Where to Buy?

The question of how to buy Cat6 shielded plenum cable is simple to answer. To buy this cable, you need to simply assess your needs. 

Once you do that, you will realize the type of cable you need. On most occasions, you will need both Cat6 plenum 1000ft and riser. 

Assessing your requirements will help you understand how much of each you need.

Then, you will make the purchase. To do so, simply look up the ethernet cable near me. 

You will find tens of vendors offering different types of Cat6 ethernet cable.

Choose the one with shielding and bare copper conductors. That is how you buy the cable, simple.


To sum up, the ultimate ethernet cable is the Cat6 shielded bare copper with its variants and specs. The cable is ideal for different types of use cases and comes at an affordable rate. This article hopefully helped you understand this cable better. Share it to help others.

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