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Eco-friendly Gifting Ideas For Festive Season | Calendar In Australia

We have finally entered the festive vibes, and with this, everybody thinking about what to gift their loved ones. So, to help you in deciding the nature of the gift, the option you have is to go for eco-friendly products. Do your part to save the environment and put a smile on the faces of your loved ones by gifting plantable calendars in Australia and many more. This makes both you and your loved ones caring and responsible citizens. 

For your convenience, a list of eco-friendly gifts is mentioned for you to choose from:

Candle herb garden

The candle has the scent of soothing herbs that calms and relaxes the anxious mind. Whenever the candle is lit, it produces a beautiful aroma that changes the home’s environment. The candle is available in lavender, rosemary, basil, ginger, and lemon seeds. When the candle burns completely, one witnesses the seed, which can later be planted to get the herbs and other vegetables, and fruits.

Ceramic compost keeper

Collecting the organic matter of leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, vegetables, and fruit peelings & scraps to make it into the natural fertiliser. Those who love gardening know how difficult it is to maintain the organic waste and the smell it produces. The compost keeper helps keep the organic matter collective in one place and absorbs the odour.  

So, this festive season you can present someone or even yourself a compost keeper which makes the best eco-friendly gift. 

Reusable bags 

Plastic has entered our lives very fast, so we must discard it in the same speedy manner. So, take a vow that this festive season, the use of plastic bags be eliminated from the lives of your and your loved ones. So, to make it happen, gift reusable bags so that the dependency on plastic bags must be reduced to save our planet and living beings.

The reusable bags are available in many different colours and sizes. Made from durable material, the bags can be turned into small rolls like balls. Depending upon the size, the bag can be used for several purposes, such as grocery shopping to carrying gym wear. 

Plantable calendars 

Unbelievable!! For a few years, nobody ever thought that calendars could be used to plant seeds, but now it has become a reality. 

The year’s ending is approaching, and now is the best time to gift or buy a seed calendar to make the world green again. The new year’s calendar not only updates you or your loved ones but also tells you that the page has beautiful seeds that provide a new life after being planted. You can plant each page individually after the end of the month or at the end of the year; the choice is yours to make. 

Recycled socks

Gifting someone related to the season is always a good decision, and gifting recycled socks during the winter is a wise thought. Cotton socks can be used throughout the year, and they will even keep the feet warm. 

The socks are available in many funky and bright-coloured fabrics and are certified and free from toxins. The socks are machine washable, and the colour will last longer. Making the socks a perfect gift for the festive season. 

Bamboo products

The most durable and eco-friendly among all gifts are bamboo products. 

  • Kitchenware
  • Musical instruments made from bamboo
  • Bamboo pulp and paper
  • Food and beverages
  • Sports and recreation goods
  • Bamboo furniture
  • Household items

The list won’t end here, as bamboo – the durable and sturdy material is making its way into our lives. Bamboo products are equally healthy and even cheap to buy. 

Moreover, it will become a surprising and unexpected gift.


Gifts make one happy and contended and make oneself feel valuable. So, choose wisely and make your loved ones part of a responsible society. 


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