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Building New Age Workforce With Microlearning Solution

Microlearning is a popular new approach to learning and development training. It is a unique solution that uses the “just-in-time” learning approach. In this method, the learning modules are short, stand-alone, bite-sized, and easy to master. Long-term retention is possible with microlearning solutions using spaced repetition and interleaved learning. It enhances the ability of employees to master various concepts and helps them explore the application of correct concepts in given scenarios.

Often, long-duration courses such as Salesforce customer service training solutions become challenging to learn. Instead, short modules of each sub-module become easier to digest. For example, if the lesson is about creating a report, the bite-sized module could be a video that walks the employee through the process. It is ideal for learning on the go and allows one to pause and begin again or cross-reference for self-paced learning. Hence, microlearning solutions cover one task or topic for a shorter, smarter learning curve.

What is the purpose of microlearning solutions?

The core purpose of microlearning is to enhance knowledge retention. The microlearning module focuses on only one learning objective, allowing the human mind to absorb information lucidly. There is minimal room for confusion as only one topic is covered. Modules that cover complicated topics use messages in different ways for flawless learning.

Modules are developed for the current learning needs, limiting the number of pre-scheduled learning sessions. Furthermore, learners can seamlessly cross-reference concepts in the middle of a learning session for knowledge retention from formal training sessions.

Since the idea is to offer a capsule-like learning experience, the modules are always limited to a total run-time of a few minutes to a maximum of ten minutes.

How is a microlearning solution built?

As a standard practice, micro-learning content uses six processes:

  1. Research – employee-audience are well-researched for behavior patterns
  2. Outcome measurement – one learning outcome is measured
  3. Concise content – As only one topic is covered, keeping the content brief is the primary focus
  4. Illustrations- Examples related to the topic improve understanding
  5. Brand tone – Customer service training solutions use the company brand and tonality in the learning content for consistency. A neutral tone is adopted when there is no customization.
  6. Engaging content – Modules with visual content led to higher engagement of employees.

Hence, microlearning solutions are target-specific and based on the behavior of the employee group. The goal is to meet the learning objectives defined when designing the module.

What are the advantages of microlearning solutions?

Microlearning solutions are ideal for improving performance management. The modular structure of these programs ensures that costs come down. Besides, the overall time for training becomes shorter. More importantly, microlearning is very flexible and easy to access from any device, as per the employee’s ability to spend time on the sessions. Such ease of use improves performance and encourages information retention.

Wrapping Up

Microlearning solutions are emerging as the future of corporate development and learning, including customer service training solutions. Hence, micro-sized modules ensure that the primary learning needs are satisfied. Employees retain knowledge because of the “spaced repetition” and ‘interleaved learning” principles used in microlearning solutions.

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