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Listsource: All you need to know

In this day and age, one of the many challenges that are faced by real estate professionals almost all over the world is finding high-quality leads. Sometimes, they have to manually sort through every real estate listing there is, only to obtain a refurbished list of unmotivated buyers and sellers. And that is painstaking, to say the least.

If you have been in the industry for a considerable period of time, you will agree with the fact that if you have a reliable lead source by your side, then that can help you secure and efficiently close deals which in turn will scale your real estate company.

And if you are someone who heavily relies on direct mail lists, then you might have already heard the name of Listsource. Listsource is a popular real estate platform that is utilized by industry professionals for the creation of accurate and highly targeted mailing lists.

Listsource-What is it?

Listsource is typically a lead source tool and is a boon for real estate professionals who is into making their own local or national marketing prospect lists. They cater to real estate professionals, investors, and brokers, who want to build targeted direct mailing lists thereby allowing them to connect with more motivated sellers, homeowners, and property owners.

In this platform, you have the facility of discovering millions of properties and also obtain ownership data that covers 94% of all property owners in the United States.

The Top Benefits of Listsource

The only reason why Listsource is held in high regard by real estate professionals is because of its convenience and ease of use. It is, no doubt, a great option to have at your disposal, especially for those who are venturing into this real estate industry for the very first time, and is in the dark whether the direct mailer marketing approach will suit your specific requirements.

Want to know how exactly their platform works? Here, is an overview of the features that Listsource offers.

  • Basic and Advanced Options for Property Searches: One of the most notable features of Listsource is its basic and advanced options searches. Here on this platform, you can get updated and accurate data on over 134 million properties in the United States.
  • Are you tired of paying for directory services that are inefficient and outdated? Then, this particular feature of Listsource might just be the best fit for you. You also have the option of utilizing any search criteria to generate data and thereby build your own direct marketing lists.

Are you a budding real estate entrepreneur who is focused on getting high-quality lead information? Then, this feature can certainly help you with this endeavor. Some of the criteria and filters that you can use include:

  • Mortgage Data (mortgage amount, mortgage date, lender name, loan type etc., or you can also choose a specific lien position).
  • Owner purchasing patterns and behavior
  • Home equity information
  • Owner demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, estimated income, marital status, etc.). You also have the option of filtering your criteria specific to the individual (business owner indicator, investments, interests, lifestyle attributes, language, education, year of birth, etc.)
  • Foreclosure( default, initiated, pending auction sale, Probate Sale, and bank-owned properties).

With so many options to choose from, reaching out to your target audience will be a breeze. With Listsource, there is no need to waste your time and resources trying to analyze if the property that you are interested in is within your area of interest.

  • Easily and quickly build your lists: Once you are done with identifying where you want to search for potential leads, now you can easily create and download your preferred target lists. There are four list types that you can create:
  • Property Detail Report
  • Contacts List
  • Prospecting List
  • List of Records

Once you are done with creating or choosing your preferred list, you have the option of downloading it in .csv format and either using the platform’s common label templates or placing it in your contact manager for easier access.

Listsource can also check and run your list with previous ones and thereby ensure that there are no duplicate records. In this way, you can rest assured that you are not paying for a prospect or contact that may be already on your existing list.

Listsource can also be used to produce labels that will help in your direct mail campaigns. If you are tired of using multiple tools for your marketing and direct mail endeavors, then this can turn out to be a great feature for you.

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Final Take

So, these were some of the top features of Listsource which makes it really worthwhile. If you are a real estate professional who is looking to scale your business by utilizing a direct mailer marketing approach, then Listsource might just be the best fit for your company.


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