Why Are Christmas Symbols Important?

Why Are Christmas Symbols Important?

Many symbols can be associate with Christmas. Some symbols have roots in Christianity, while others are derive from pagan beliefs. It is well-known that celebrations have been held around the UK’s winter solstice over many years.

If you are curious about the meanings of Christmas symbols, continue reading.

Christmas Symbols


Many people place a star at the top of their Christmas tree. It can also be use in Christmas decorations. According to the Nativity story the Christmas star is the star at Bethlehem. It was the star that led the wise men to Jesus, the infant who had just been born in the stable.

Stars also symbolize hope. The star shines brightly, reminding us of the possibility for tomorrow.


Candle flames can also be use to represent the star of Bethlehem, which is similar to stars. Before electricity, people use candles to light Christmas trees. It’s a tradition.

In Judaism candles are very important, especially during Hanukkah (the festival to light the lamps). Kwanzaa, the celebration of the African diaspora, is marke by the lighting of a candle each day.

The Colors Of Red And Green

It is believed that red represents the blood of Jesus Christ, who die on the cross. Red is also the color for winter berries such as those on holly bushes.

As evergreen branches and trees are introduc into your home, the color green is associated with life.


Jesus was made to feel special by the gifts given him by those who visited him at his birth. According to the Bible, wise men brought myrrh and frankincense along with gifts of gold.


Bells are rung in churches all over Europe to celebrate Christmas. Similar to the above, pagan winter festivals used the ringing of bells to repel evil spirits.


It is believe that mistletoe symbolizes love. According to Druids, it was believe that mistletoe could promote fertility.

A parasitic plant called mistletoe can only survive if it attaches to a tree.


The wreath that hangs on the front door represents the circle of love and life. The wreath represents strength.

Candy Canes

The shape of candy canes is a symbol of a shepherd’s crook. Jesus Christ is often call the “Good Shepherd”. At his birth, he was also visit by shepherds.

The red color is symbolic of Jesus’s sacrifice. The purity of his spirit is represent by the white color

Why Haven’t I Done It Sooner?

Although I’ve been planning a birthday party for many years, I didn’t think to ask the guest of honor what kind of party they preferred. It turned out that Jesus is a simple person and will not mind other guests getting the gifts.

He helped me realize that my holiday wish list items were optional. He gently reminded us that we were also setting up our children to do the exact same thing as when they grow up. I realize that I need a reset to remember what I was suppose to be celebrating. To never forget that stress and debt are not his plans.

So I began the process of simplifying Christmas. It was not easy. It was difficult to accept no to things I had previously said yes to. It is something I am still working on and am making more progress every year.


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