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What are the most effective ways to advertise best dental surgeon in lahore 2023?

Best dental surgeon in lahore, Health professionals’ advertising is a topic which has been debated for several years. For a long period, Lahore prohibited any method of advertisement by professions that are regulated. For dentist’s dental surgeons, section R4127-225 from the Health Code prohibits “Any direct or indirect advertising process” for their part.

However the ban on advertising for professions with a regulatory status was sanctioned by the CJEU at European at the European level.

From November 25, 2000, and the revision of their ethics code dentists are now granted the option of freely communicating and thus of advertising. This was changed through Decree No. 2020-1658 of 22nd December 2020, which amended the code of ethics for dentists and related to their professional communications that introduced Article R4127-215-1 to the Public Health Code. to define the boundaries of the advertisement, best dental surgeon in lahore.

What kind of advertisement do we mean by advertising?

It means, to communicate to the public, by any means, including on a website, information likely to contribute to the free choice of the practitioner by the patient, relating in particular to his skills and professional practices, his professional career and the conditions of his exercise. “.

The democratization of public communication is an actual development for dental surgeons

All media are licensed for use: internet, video spots posters. The development of his character and his ability is specifically permitted. However, the advertisement is as it is because. This communication complies with the regulations in force as well as the ethical requirements. The content is honest and truthful, doesn’t solicit testimonials from third parties and is not based on the comparison of other surgeons, establishments or dentists, and doesn’t encourage excessive recourse to preventive measures or treatment. It doesn’t undermine the professionalism of the profession nor does it deceive the public.

A patient’s testimonial and a comparison with the work of colleagues, or the promotion of a specific cure or preventive method performed by the dentist… will not be considered to be advertising for advertising.

The dentist can use any method such as the internet. Share with the general public or health professionals to promote health or education. That are scientifically supported information on matters related to his profession or related to public health concerns. It develops the information with care and caution while adhering to ethical standards. And does not present the information as assumptions based on acquired data which have not been verified.

The dentist should be able to speak objectively about his profession and position himself. As a source of information to health authorities and learned societies best dental surgeon in lahore.

Everything therefore falls under the context of the word “advertisement. The Legislator has retained the definition of “Disseminating information. Making known to all an event, a fact” and is not the same as “promoting the sale of a product by exerting on the public an influence. A psychological action in order to create him needs, desires” this is the most commonly used definition.


If it is possible to advertise for dentists however, it’s still strictly controlled and corresponds to how they distribute. Information on the dentist and his work the transmission of health and education messages. But not to the accomplishment of promoting the profession of a dentist surgeon for commercial reasons. Read more: best dental services.

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