Tips for videographers on the use of LED lighting

Even with the best camera, your movies will look like they were filmed through a screen door without proper illumination. LED lights for cinematography provide you more control over luminance and give your subjects the right sheen and pop. These small devices simplify indoor and outdoor life, Unboxing of the Godox SL-60W LED Video Light.

This article covers:

  1. What are video shoot LED lights?
  2. How?
  3. Why film with LED lights.

Two popular filmmaking LED lights

Filmmakers have long employed LED videography lights to create mood. They often provide set lighting. When lighting a scene from one location, they can be controlled remotely.

They enhance videography. They’re light and easy to utilise on stage. They last up to 100,000 hours!

COLBOR launched two LED video lights for video filming in diverse settings since LEDs are durable, powerful, and eco-friendly.

Pocket-sized videography LED lights weigh less than 200g. They have an HD display screen, adjustable colour temperature and brightness, and multiple mounting options for cellphones, cameras, tripods, etc.

Video LED studio lights from COLBOR are bi-color or daylight. The COLBOR Studio App and on-board controls create a lighting ecosystem. Watch the video below to learn about COLBOR CL60’s characteristics.

How does LED videography work?

Photo and video illumination differ. For high-quality footage, use continuous LED lighting. Flickering lights look wonderful in still photos but ruin video.

Light-color interaction is fascinating. Two colour models interact during the capture-to-print procedure.

CMYK—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black—is one. Everything printed uses this. Subtractive colour models use printed ink to block light from reflecting off the surface. The ink dims the white background.

RGB—red, green, blue—is another colour model. Digital design uses it to display colours on computer, TV, and phone screens.

RGB is additive. Color combinations create a wide spectrum. The RGB model superimposes red, green, and blue light. Each hue is black at zero intensity and white at maximum intensity.

Most videography LED lights use RGB. Remember this while lighting anything. To get the right tone for your films, alter colour temperature Unboxing of the Godox SL-60W LED Video Light.

Guide to LED light setup for video shooting.

Four videography LED light panel benefits

LED film and photographic lighting has many advantages.

Video lighting controls

LED board videography lights provide you more lighting control than natural light. For nighttime videography, LED lights enhance the scene. The scene can be brightened like daytime.


LED videography lights are bright and cool. Strobes rarely heat. Video and film require steady illumination.

Continuous illumination standards generate a lot of heat. Color corrected photo floods can grow hot if you’ve worked with them. High-output lights have cooling systems. At comparable light levels, they run cooler.

Adjustable colour temperature corrects colour

Color correction matters. Home lamps are warm. Fluorescent bulbs vary in colour. Both are color-temperature-invariant. It’s best to start with flexible LED video lights that let you alter colour. Cameras can handle many colour balance concerns automatically.


LEDs last forever. They last longer than some lights. They gradually diminish. last 30,000–50,000 hours, much longer than ordinary lights. Excellent!


LED lights are increasingly used for videography. LEDs are widely available, so film artists can choose based on their needs and budget. Click here for inexpensive LED video lights.

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