Top Round Ceiling Design Ideas For Living Rooms

Round ceilings can have a beautiful impact on your house interiors due to their nonlinear structure. They help stand out your space as compared to angular or flat conventional ceilings. Round ceiling designs can bring depth to the planning of your building and provide a new dimension to the interiors of your home. Consulting with the best interior designing company Kolkata will provide you with ideas to design your home in the perfect way with round ceilings.

Round ceilings are pretty uncommon because of the constraints of design and space in regular houses. They are great for diffused and ambient lighting and act as a visual spectacle for visitors and residents alike. If you have a round ceiling design in mind For your living room, you are sure to be spoiled for choice. They are the perfect way to remodel your house interiors. Here are the best ideas for fascinating round ceilings For your living room.

Wooden finish circular ceiling

Would have remained a style statement and if you want to bring an assembly of casual Grace and authority to your living room, a round ceiling with wooden finish is worth an investment when you consider the designs. Round ceiling designs can go well with interiors and roofs with tiles, wood or stones. You can reach out to an Interior design consultant Kolkata to make your living space inviting and warm and brighten up your living room.

Tray ceilings for chandelier lightings

If you want to go for chandelier lighting as a part of your living room decoration, the best choice would be opting for round ceilings. Chandeliers make one of the most attractive because in your living room and leave a lasting impression and brighten up the entire space. As they are royal, round ceiling designs can complement them and bring out the most from their effect. If you combine your ceiling with an inverted tray design, you can entertain the scope for diffused lighting as well.

Natural lighting round ceiling design

Nothing can beat the glory of natural lighting and the joy and playfulness with sunlight skimming through the interiors of your living area can bring artificial lighting to your feet. If you have good floor to roof height along with maximum space, then you can choose around ceiling designs with glass partitions as well. It will allow ambient lighting and make the visitors feel warm. One of the best things is that it will help you save a lot on electricity bills every month.

Suspended round ceiling designs

Suspended round ceilings can bring relief to your senses and improve the visual appearance of your interior decor. The best interior designing company Kolkata can help you combine indoor and natural lighting to these ceilings and bring depth to the living area. These designs are versatile and suit well with a lot of decora like neon, formal, casual and modern. You need to make the most of the traditional style of the architecture and contrasting styles may not blend well with this.

Abstract round ceilings

Abstract interior decoration is trending for their Bohemian and free flowing artistic look. Round ceiling designs have been experimented with modern impersonation of the traditional circular style. The popular types of round ceiling design include oval ceilings that can be a robust association with modern design while displaying the characteristics of geometry. They can bring an informal and warm tone to your living area and motivate casual conversations. They also blend well with egg chairs for bedrooms.

Bottom Lines

Round ceiling designs have been in trend since ancient times. With the idea of false ceilings not quite common back then, buildings with round ceilings were then normal. Royal palaces, public places of worship and libraries across cultures and throughout civilizations sported round ceilings. European, Russian, Chinese and British architecture also highlighted round ceilings. Get in touch with an Interior design consultant Kolkata to feature a round ceiling in your modern home decor.

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