Different Types Of Gloves Available In The Market And How Do They Benefit You?

Different Types Of Gloves Available In The Market And How Do They Benefit You?

With the arriving winter season, the demand for Freezer Gloves has increased significantly in the market. Gloves are much more than just hand-covering garments. They are a great way to protect your hands against harsh  Deerskin Gloves

hemicals, industrial work, or some beating heat. Different gloves are designed for separate purposes. With the advancement of technology and science, experts have come up with a wide range of gloves for different people.

Gloves are used in multiple industries. Choosing the right gloves will require some time and effort. One of the best gloves is the Deerskin gloves. The following factors must be considered while choosing the best gloves:

Material of the gloves

One of the vital aspects to consider while choosing the pair is knowing what you need. And then select a suitable material. For example, a chemical industry worker requires skin-protective gloves while a cold storage worker requires freezer gloves.


Industrial gloves tend to be more elastic. Depending on the nature of the work do check the elasticity of the gloves, so that they don’t hamper your productivity.

Length and thickness

These hand coverings come in different lengths and sizes. Medical professionals must opt for longer ones. The thickness of the gloves is another aspect to consider.

Shelf life

Never use a pair of gloves that is expired. There are a lot of powdered gloves that have an expiration date. Do check it before usage.

Size and fit

Clothing is all about size. Try the size and check the fit as it is the safest way.

Protection level

The protection level of the gloves must be high.

Here are some commonly used gloves and their benefits

Cotton Gloves

These are the most lightweight, skin-friendly, and breathable gloves. They are usually used in summer or are used under the leather and protective gloves made of harsh material to protect the skin. They add a layer to industrial gloves to avoid cuts and scratches on the hand.

Winter, Wool Gloves

To beat the winter, some hand covering is required, and wool gloves are the best to be used during this time. These are usually worn by children because adults are unable to work wearing these.

Leather Gloves

These are one of the best gloves to protect your hands from winter. They provide a good grip, are spark resistant, and have moderate heat resistance. Leather gloves also protect sharp objects and harsh surfaces. But these should not be worn in industries as excess heat exposure might cause damage to hands. Such leather gloves should be paired with cotton gloves. They are mainly used by riders and drivers due to their good grip.

Aluminized Gloves

Aluminized gloves are the best industrial gloves that can be used for welding purposes, furnaces, and other activities. They can take around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

Heat-resistant gloves are usually used in Stell mills, casting shops, and manufacturing industries.

Surgical or Medical Gloves

Since the pandemic, these are one of the most used gloves in the industry. They protect healthcare experts against bacteria and viruses. They have a good length and cover the wrist and the finger of the healthcare experts well. Such gloves are easy to wear.

Surgeons, doctors, lab specialists, and dentists prefer wearing these gloves due to their protective properties and their light weight.

Vibration-resistant gloves

These are other widely used gloves. They protect the workers by resisting shocks and high vibrations. These are used in several industries like manufacturing, automobile, quarrying, construction, agriculture, etc.

They are a part of the PPE kit in all the mentioned industries. The hand-arm syndrome is a serious condition caused due to high vibrations or high-impact activities. All the workers must consider this and make sure to secure the workers by providing them with these gloves to maintain the right blood flow.

Chemical Resistant gloves

These are the gloves with the longest lengths as they are made to protect the skin. Chemical-resistant gloves are primarily used in Painting, washing, and cleaning, Oil refineries, working with adhesives, etc.

They have a good grip and a thick layer which makes them safe for the skin. Chemical-resistant gloves are of various types and should be chosen according to the need. Here are some commonly used skin-protective gloves:

Latex (natural)




Fluorocarbon (Viton)

These can also be made of plastic like polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl alcohol.


Several types of gloves are available in the market and one should choose the right one depending on the industry and the nature of the work. The owner must ensure the safety of the workers and provide them with the right pair of gloves. Gloves are no fancy piece of clothing but the need of industrial workers.

There are various gloves available in the market but always go for a reliable brand like Deerskin gloves. No matter what gloves you are choosing ranging from chemical-resistant to freezer gloves, always pick the durable one. The protection of the body is essential.

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