SPC flooring

SPC flooring: A Perfect Blend of Aesthetics & Functionality

SPC, an acronym for Stone Plastic (Polymer) Composite is a popular flooring choice among homeowners in the UK owing to its versatility and a wide array of practical benefits. As the name suggests, SPC vinyl is a flooring material engineered through a combination of stones and stabilizers making it a highly durable surface.

One of the key factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of SPC flooring is that it can be manufactured to replicate a variety of traditional floors such as stone, wood, ceramic, etc. identically. And the best part? SPC floors offer a multitude of practical benefits while keeping the visual appeal of the floors intact.

SPC flooring in UK is one of the best options for high-traffic areas in any residential or commercial setup. As the latest floor technology, SPC cleverly blends the aesthetic benefits of different traditional floors with highly durable materials. Compared to other flooring choices, SPC flooring delivers excellently in terms of stability and resistance.

Layers of SPC Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is manufactured following a layered process that ensures varied aesthetics and practical benefits. The main used layers in SPC flooring are discussed as follows:

  • Wear layer: This is one of the most vital layers of the SPC flooring that determines the lifespan of the surface. Typically, this layer of the SPC flooring is manufactured using clear coatings like aluminium oxide that keep the floors away from abrasions and wear.
  • Core layer: The core layer determines the durability and robustness of the SPC flooring which is manufactured using a mixture of limestones and other stabilizers. The core layer of the flooring is also responsible for the rigidity and stability of the floors and set it apart from other flooring alternatives.
  • Top layer: Also known as the image layer, this top layer is responsible for giving a premium-class vinyl flooring look to the durable SPC flooring. This layer is manufactured using realistic 3D visuals of traditional floors that are installed identically to resemble stone, wood, ceramic, or other floors.
  • Backing layer: To provide the best resilience and rigidity to the floors, every SPC board is supported with a backing layer. These backing layers are either made of high-quality materials like a cork or budget-friendly alternatives like foam. The backing layer plays an important role as it provides extra sound insulation and natural resistance to mold and mildew.
  • UV coating: Unpopular yet true, UV rays can damage the SPC vinyl floors and cause discoloration over time. Hence, UV coating becomes necessary to protect the floor surfaces from wear, discoloration, and shrinking due to being constantly exposed to the harmful rays of sunlight.

Benefits of SPC Vinyl Flooring

The practical benefits SPC vinyl flooring offer are in abundance, making them a popular choice for homes and other shared spaces. Considered the next generation in vinyl flooring, SPC flooring materials last for years without requiring frequent repairs and replacements.

Also, the endless aesthetic possibilities that come with SPC flooring have added significantly to its growing popularity. Of many, the following discussed are some key benefits of SPC flooring in UK:

High durability

The durability of SPC flooring is unparalleled owing to the multiple-layered manufacturing process. The core layer of the floors is made of a perfect blend of limestone powder and PVC plastic. The backing layer further offers extra insulation and support to the floors making them incredibly durable, shielded, and dent-proof.

Easy installation

One of the most alluring benefits of SPC flooring is the ease of installation and maintenance. The installation of this flooring demands minimal usage of tools, gadgets, and manual labor. The SPC floors can be either installed using glue or loose-lay floors. With minimal floor surface preparations, the cost, time, and effort put into this floor installation is reduced significantly.

Waterproof & Low maintenance

SPC flooring is well-known for its reliable waterproofing and resistance to other weather factors. The rigid PVC core layers of this flooring make them withstand any kind of spill, unlike other floor materials that it mimics. Coming to upkeep and maintenance of these floors, since they are never sealed or sanded, their cleaning is a breeze as compared to other luxury floor materials.

Affordable choice

Since SPC vinyl floors can be identical replicas of other luxury flooring materials, they are highly affordable. Be it in terms of appeal, longevity, or practicality, SPC floors seem to deliver in all aspects. The scratch-proof and fade-resistance properties of the flooring make it suitable for all high-traffic to exposed areas in the house. Easy maintenance and infrequent replacements make SPC flooring a budget-friendly flooring choice.

Final Note

The range of SPC flooring in UK has evolved significantly over the years in terms of quality, design, and other practical features. Contrary to what most people perceive, SPC flooring is not just a cheap replica of luxury vinyl floorings but a sustainable alternative that property owners can rely on. Choosing SPC flooring for your new house or renovation works will speak of your class and luxury while being budget-friendly.

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