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Top Reasons Why Upvc Windows Are Popular

The current architectural industry and home decor segment are flooded with the choices of uPVC windows in Belfast owing to their high versatility and appeal. The selection of doors and windows is vital in any home or building as they determine the safety and aesthetic beauty. Hence, choosing the right material, style, and color of doors is essential.

uPVC has gained much popularity in the market and emerged to be one of the favorite materials of home decorators. Unlike in the case of traditional windows, homeowners no longer have to compromise with security aspects while prioritizing design and vice versa.

With uPVC windows, one can enjoy a higher degree of security and durability while adding elegance and sophistication to the existing home decor. The diverse range of uPVC windows available in multiple colors and styles such as white bay windows and sliding black uPVC windows have revolutionized the game with their excellent features and affordable price range.

Being one of the oldest polymers, the uPVC material’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly properties have further added to its great popularity. These windows require minimal maintenance and assures a great deal of security to the house. A solid form of plastic, uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a strong, rigid, and durable material that provides a solid foundation for window frames.

PVC & uPVC windows: Are they different?

Of course! There’s a great deal of difference between PVC and uPVC materials due to their chemical and physical properties. The most basic difference between PVC and uPVC is that PVC contains plasticizers whereas uPVC doesn’t.

A lot of people tend to get confused between PVC and uPVC materials and end up making the wrong purchase. The following listed are some key differences between the two that will help you understand why white or black uPVC windows are better than PVC ones.

  • uPVC windows do not wrap in extreme temperatures
  • uPVC is recyclable
  • Unlike PVC, uPVC windows are chemical erosion resistant
  • uPVC is a durable & long-lasting material as compared to PVC
  • uPVC windows come at pocket-friendly prices
  • uPVC windows are easy to maintain

Benefits of uPVC windows

Being distinctively charming and available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, uPVC windows in Belfast offer multiple benefits that make them a popular choice for home decor and renovations. Premium quality at affordable rates is what best describes uPVC windows.

The following discussed are some of the top benefits of uPVC windows, making them popular among homeowners.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

The wide range of style, color, and texture options available in the uPVC materials helps homeowners choose the windows that go perfectly with the existing decor and color schemes in the house. Unlike wooden windows, uPVC windows do not come in standard sizes and designs which makes customization easier.

  • Durable

The uPVC material is well-known for being one of the most durable and robust choices for doors and windows. Their high weatherproofing properties make them resilient to all kinds of exterior elements for years without fading, chipping, or tracking. uPVC windows are made to last and the uPVC coatings protect the frames from UV rays.

  • Low Maintenance

Another key feature of uPVC material that makes it a preferred choice is that it requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned. All that one needs is a wet sponge and water to keep the replacement windows shining bright. Due to their weatherproof qualities, the uPVC doors do not experience any wear and don’t need any repainting or sanding. Even the toughest stains can be removed easily without scratching or heavy scrubbing.

  • Energy efficient

Installation of uPVC windows can make your house an energy-efficient zone. uPVC being a fantastic insulator prevents maximum heat transfer through it. When fitted properly, the uPVC frames make for an air-tight space that helps in maintaining the optimal temperature inside. As a result, the usage of heating and cooling systems is reduced significantly.

  • Enhanced security

Needless to say, the right choice of doors and windows is essential for the proper security and safety of people living inside. The window frames and panels made of uPVC are extremely strong and support the installation of multiple-locking systems that further strengthens the security aspect. As a result, with uPVC windows in place, one doesn’t have to worry about thieves, intruders, or forced entries.

Final Note

Windows are an underrated aspect of architectural designs and decor. Apart from being highly functional such as offering security and allowing ventilation and light into the room, they contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the building significantly.

uPVC windows in Belfast are available in a multitude of design options such as sliding bay, casement, etc. that give a clean, sophisticated, and refined look to traditional and modern-style properties. Also, the recyclable feature of uPVC windows makes them a highly sustainable choice for windows and other fenestration works.

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