Blue World City

Blue Mosque – The Wonder of Blue World City Islamabad

Overview of Blue World Blue Mosque

Islamabad is full of lush green places and thrilling spots for entertainment. The residents of Islamabad go to different destinations. Such as sporting spots, amusement parks, and cultural complexes during the holiday period. The developers of Blue World City take an initiative to present another tourist attraction.

Moreover, the reflection of the Ottoman era’s Islamic culture and Civilization can be seen in this housing society. The designers and architects made the replica of Turkey’s Blue Mosques. With the launching of this beautiful mosque, Islamabad is getting more tourists. This tourism spot in this society is going to increase the rate of tourism in Pakistan and it will grow Pakistan economically. 

This amazing housing society is the most-anticipated destination which is located on Main Chakri Road. It is located near the M-2 Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport. It has a lot of tourist attractions that attract investors and residents. The other tourist attractions are World’s Tallest Horse Mascot, Water Theme Park, Burj Al-Arab, Rumi’s Square, and many other beautiful attractions.

Blue Mosque Location:

In the heart of Blue World City housing society, the beautiful Blue Mosque is located. It has proximity to the General Block of this society. In Addition, it is located in the middle of this housing society, so that everyone can have access to this magnificent mosque. All the residents of Islamabad and tourists have access to the Blue Mosque. It is so ideally located that all the tourists reach so easily. 

Blue Mosque Infrastructure:

A professional team of designers, architects, and management worked hard in making the exact structure like Turkey’s Blue Mosque. It is the mirror image of our Islamic civilization and culture. Moreover, this replica of the Blue Mosque is a combination of Islamic originality and spiritual emotions. You will feel like you are in the Ottoman era by looking at its infrastructure. The Blue Mosque of Blue World City is one of the most beautiful and amazing religious buildings in Pakistan. 

Blue Mosque Salient Features:

The total land area covered by Blue Mosque is about 104 Kanal and it is identical to the Blue Mosque of Turkey. The atmosphere of the Blue World Blue Mosque arouses the spiritual experience of the original Blue Mosque. In addition, you will also see the passion of architects, designers, and artists. Some of the salient features of Blue Mosque in Blue World City are the following:

Total Land Area

The total land area of this amazing blue mosque is 104 Kanal. This shows the excellence and brilliance of Muslim infrastructure and construction. The colors used by the architect like the same as Turkey’s Blue Mosque. 

Attractive & Spacious Interior:

The management of Blue World City Islamabad has a team of world-class architects and designers. They have designed a spectacular interior with a spacious interior. Additionally, an expert team of management is instructed to provide the services to the interior of Blue Mosque. The total capacity of people is 15000, which is more than normal mosques.  

Extensive Parks & Squares: 

The Blue Mosque replica has extensive parks and airy courtyards. This building consists of six minarets, five main houses, and eight small domes. 


Blue World City is a tourist destination spot and provides note-worthy investment chances for investors. So, if you want to invest in any real estate, then you should invest in this outclass housing society. We will be so pleased to help you!

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