Kids Playroom Themes & Ideas

Adorable Kids Playroom Themes & Ideas

Creating a dedicated space where your kids can explore their interests and even let their imaginations run curiously is a boon for parents and children alike.

Whether you want to create a dual-purpose room with plenty of storage so that parents can also enjoy once with the kids or looking for a colorful space full of games, gear, and toys, you can simply turn everything from the main floor alcove into an attic or finished basement into a playroom where you kid/s enjoy the most.

You can check out the adorable playroom that is built for your kids of all ages that will surely inspire you to create one for them:

  1. The elephant in the Room

Pops of bright colors illustrated wallpaper, and beech wood elephant-design chairs can help to make a bright and cheerful playroom for any kid’s dream.

  1. City Slick

You can create a multifunctional playroom that is generally equipped with sleek but charming house-shaped storage armories for toys and other stuff and an open-floor space for his/her ease while playing.

You can also add a large sofa so that the grownups can call their friends to sit and enjoy playing altogether.

  1. Green Wall

You can bring the outside nature inside by just adding a faux green wall at a single wall and an indoor swing to create an outdoor playground that is a perfect solution for rainy afternoons.

  1. Scandi Style

You can even create a play kitchen set in a bay window that is flooded with natural light and decorated with garlands. Try adding a table for drawing, a retro-style mural, and a plush rug to create an escapist mood.

  1. Vintage Look

A shelving wall for games and toys, a table with modern Danish chairs for making art, a pair of bean bag chairs, and a window seat for reading offer a great space for bonding with friends and siblings while playing.

  1. Go Whimsical

A playroom that features a whimsical chandelier, a handpainted mural, a house-shaped reading nook, and character or cartoon wall art pieces for a gallery wall offers a whimsical look to play and have fun.

  1. Large Swing

A hanging rattan swing can also be the centerpiece for the attic playroom that is covered from floor to ceiling with wall-to-wall and shiplap carpet to offer a soft landing to your cute kiddos.

  1. Climbing Wall

You can try adding a mini rock climbing wall near your staircase or any extra corner to make your kids work off some energy whenever they want. Also, throw some soft toys and pillows for safe landings.


A playroom can be defined as having a large freestanding storage unit for toys, beautiful lighting, colorful rugs, a reading corner, a play kitchen, and many more elements that help to make your kids enjoy the playtime and that they remember forever when they grown-up.

Additionally, creating a multifunctional playroom with closet storage and canvas art paintings real paintings and childrenĀ  wall art can also make their mood good.

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