water parks in fresno california

and more, which made our day enjoyable. We had the most fun in the wave pool because we got to swim around and play with our friends. Even though the park wasn’t huge, it had enough slides to keep us entertained all day long without getting bored!

An overview of what an awesome place it is:

Sland  as many different slides and pools that are water parks in fresno california  different then most other parks. The lines are short and everything is well organized so you don’t waste any time. There’s a lot of space in this park, so there’s never a crowd or line. Also, they offer free sunscreen which can be hard to find at some parks. The biggest thing that stands out to me about this waterpark, though, is their food selection- it’s phenomenal! They offer an assortment of snacks as well as hotdogs and hamburgers from their grill on site.


Reasons why it’s better than other parks:

A lot of what makes this  so much better than other parks in my opinion are the attractions. For example, there are two big slides that go down about 100 feet high and go really fast.  water parks in fresno california There’s also a lazy river that goes around the whole park and you can take a tube out on it. The lazy river is really fun because it has a bunch of different options for how long you want to be on it and where you want to get off. Another one of my favorite parts of sland waterpark is its wave pool, which goes up and down like real ocean waves. All these things make sland waterpark my favorite place to go swimming because they all provide an enjoyable experience for me as well as many other people who come here

Some tips when you go:

First, you want to wear a bathing suit. They do provide towels but if you are picky about what kind of towel or don’t want to carry around one all day, then it’s a good idea to bring your own. Second, make sure that you bring sunscreen and The sun can get really strong so make sure that you protect yourself from it as much as possible while staying at the park. Third, there are lockers available for rent if you don’t want to lug around all your stuff with you all day. It’s just $2 for two hours and they accept credit cards which is nice since not many places do these days.

A list of things to do once there:

After you get through the gate, be sure to take a look at your map, the park is HUGE. One of my favorite things to do in any waterpark is ride slides with my friends. If you are looking for excitement, check out some of our bigger slides like Tornado and Cyclone. For something slower but just as fun go on one of our family-friendly slides like Boat House or Log Jammer. There are also two pools where you can relax when it gets too hot outside or just wants a break from all the rides! One pool has a lazy river that goes around both sides, and an awesome kids area with little slides and so much more! The other pool has a 2 1/2 story slide that’s perfect for all ages!

A list of cool things about it:

1. The staff are very friendly and willing to help you.  They offer a variety of food options that are reasonably priced  There is a lot of shade on site so if you don’t want to be in direct sun all day  They also offer a variety of activities that range from lazy rivers, wave pools, and slides There’s lots of seating area around the grounds for you to relax at This place has more than just one slide, it has more than ten slides!  It’s no like other parks and it’s well kept


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