What advantages do skilled worker visas offer?

Toward the end of 2020, the Home Office made certain changes to the new points-based immigration system. The Tier 2 (General Work Visa) route was replaced by the Skilled Worker route. While there are some parallels between the Tier 2 (General) and Skilled Worker pathways, changes have been made to allow businesses to sponsor a bigger workforce from outside the UK. These modifications appear to greatly increase system flexibility, which may persuade migrants to view the UK as a more alluring alternative. The new points-based system offers a pathway for qualified people with a job offer from an authorised employer sponsor.

Reduced minimum skill level

Every position offered to an overseas worker must have a required skill level of RQF3 or higher as of January 2021. (this is equivalent to an A level). Contrary to its predecessor, which required an RQF6 skill level with a few exceptions where the skill level was lower, such as for nurses and chefs, immigrants seeking a Skilled Worker visa will not need formal qualifications. The amount of competence required for the task they would be doing would, however, decide whether or not the condition is met.

The wage cap has been lowered

The minimum wage requirement for the Skilled Worker visa is £25,600, as opposed to the Tier 2 (General) visa’s requirement of a minimum salary of £30,000 to be sponsored from outside the country. The “going rate” for the occupation (as determined by the Standard Occupational Classification system) and this pay threshold, whichever is higher, must be paid to employees who are hired through the Skilled Worker route.

On the other side, since they will be given more “tradeable points” for other traits, those who choose the skilled worker option can receive less money than the new general wage. In contrast to the previous Tier 2 General route, this is a new path.

What benefits come with a skilled worker visa in the UK?

Numerous advantages come with the Skilled Worker visa.

  • Employers in the UK will have more opportunities to hire talent from across the globe.
  • The Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT), which enabled permanent residents to apply for jobs before migrants were given them, is no longer used under the current system.
  • It is possible to transfer visa routes from the UK due to more lax regulations.
  • lower minimum wage requirements apply to recruits (who are starting their career). They must bring in at least £20,480, or at least 70% of the average salary for their employment category.
  • There will be no cap on the number of skilled workers who can immigrate to the UK.

What conditions must be met in order to receive a UK skilled worker visa?

An candidate will need the following paperwork to apply for the skilled worker route:

  • A current passport.
  • The employer offers a certificate of sponsorship (CoS), which is a legal document.
  • A skill level of RQF3 or higher must be specified in the job offer (A level equivalent)
  • evidence that you have the necessary degree of English language competency
  • Evidence that the candidate fulfils the maintenance requirement by providing proof of their money, if your country is included in Appendix T.
  • Tuberculosis test result (if required).

What requirements must businesses meet in order to apply for a skilled worker visa?

The sponsor must be in possession of a current sponsor licence in order to give a potential candidate a “Certificate of Sponsorship.” The Certificate of Sponsorship includes details on the job offer.

The following conditions must be met by the position:

  • You must possess the necessary skill level to be considered for sponsorship.
  • Payment of sponsorship costs must be at the proper level.
  • By issuing the Certificate of Sponsorship, the sponsor also attests that they will fulfil their obligations as a licenced sponsor, including keeping track of their sponsored employees’ working circumstances and informing the Home Office of any significant changes.

How to Submit a Skilled Worker Visa Application?

To apply for the Skilled Worker visa, candidates must complete an online application and pay the relevant costs. You can get a list of the current application fees on the UK government website.

The process for applying for a skilled worker visa is often rather straightforward.

  • Register, fill out, and submit an online form on the gov.uk website.
  • Pay the appropriate visa fee (immigration health surcharge and biometric enrolment fees, where applicable)
  • Utilize the appointment center’s website to schedule a biometric appointment (where applicable)
  • Supporting documentation should be scanned and posted to a website.
  • Attend the appointment to get your biometric information (fingerprints and/or a photo) enrolled, if necessary.

Some applicants (including some EU and some non-EU citizens) may be able to utilise the Home Office’s authorised APP to confirm their identity. Even if a biometric appointment is not required, the applicant must still fill out an online form.

How long does it take to receive a skilled worker visa?

An application for a skilled worker typically takes 8 weeks to process from inside the UK and 15 days from outside the country. These time frames are not guaranteed, and “complex” or “high risk” situations may require more time to settle.

Regularly accessible priority services include the following:

  • Processing for priority service takes 5 business days.
  • Within 24 hours, Super Priority Service is processed.

In addition to visa fees, priority (expedited) services have additional expenses.

How long can you stay in the UK on a skilled workers visa?

You may submit an application once for any length up to five years. According to the dates shown on the sponsor’s Certificate of Sponsorship, the visa will be granted. For instance, a Certificate of Sponsorship with start and end dates that match an employment contract may be presented to a person on a one-year (fixed-term) contract. Even if the person was only sponsored for a year, the firm can sponsor an extension application to let them keep hiring them for the same or a new position. A person may submit an application to extend their Skilled Worker visa from within the United Kingdom with a fresh CoS.

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