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The top 5 causes of yellowing of carpets after washing

Carpet cleaning Perth WA : The reasons for the yellowing of carpets after washing, you see what are the reasons and how to avoid them? Did your carpet turn yellow after cleaning it? If that happened, then there is no need to worry. We will help you get rid of it. And we will tell you the reasons for the yellowing of the carpet after washing and the mechanism for dealing with it.


What are the causes of yellowing carpets after washing?

The yellowing of the carpet is a change in the color of the original carpet with the appearance of some yellow spots on it. This can happen as a result of cleaning materials or chemicals used in the cleaning process. Carpet yellowing has types that are:


The natural yellowness of the carpet

  • That occurs as a result of the daily actions that are relied upon to spill onto the carpet.
  • Pet urine is generally a cause of discoloration of carpets.
  • The accumulation of dirt and debris in general on the carpet over time causes the carpet to turn yellow.
  • Only routine cleaning and washing help to get rid of the yellowing of the carpet in this case.


Chemical yellowing of the carpet

  • The second reason for the yellowing of carpets after washing is that it occurs as a result of the cleaning process using certain chemicals that change the fibers to turn yellow.
  • Those that are frequently used without proper rinsing.
  • They vary between detergents with high acidity or alkaline, as failure to deal with them properly in cleaning and rinsing helps to leave yellow spots.

Yellowing of phenolic carpets

  • Another type that we can talk about while we are talking about the causes of the yellowing of carpets after washing. This type of yellowing of carpets occurs to some types of carpets as a result of not leaving enough room to breathe on them.
  • In the event that heavy objects are placed on it that do not provide it with enough space to breathe, such as tables and furniture.
  • When it is removed, we notice this type of yellowing.


Baking soda and its relationship to the yellowing of carpets

  • Although baking soda is one of the safest ingredients for all upholstery.
  • However, if it is not used properly or not removed well after cleaning, it will generate yellowing of the carpet.
  • In the event that baking soda is the reason behind the yellowing of the carpets. Here you can use white vinegar mixed with water.
  • Every time you plan to use baking soda to clean your carpets. Make sure to use the vinegar mixture with it.
  • This vinegar solution will ensure that the carpet does not get any yellowing spots.

Also, we find it important when we talk about the causes of the yellowing of carpets after washing. To talk about the yellowing of carpets due to photo-oxidation.


Yellowing of the carpet as a result of photo-oxidation

  • Photooxidation is that many types of skin are also exposed to as a result of prolonged sun exposure.
  • Here, if the carpet is left in the sun for long periods, this could be a cause of photooxidation.
  • Those that cause deterioration and discoloration of carpets, especially those made of silk or wool.


Cleaning yellowing carpets

Moving from the causes of yellowing of carpets after washing to the cleaning mechanism for carpets and getting rid of yellow stains, the work is done through:


  • Work on mixing a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in the equivalent of a cup of water.
  • The solution is applied directly to the stain and a sprayer is used to spray the stained area.
  • Wear gloves and start by using your hand to penetrate the solution into the Carpet cleaning Perth WA.
  • Scrub in circular motions or with a scrub brush to prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Use paper towels to soak up any excess cleaning solution.
  • Putting two or three “paper” towels on the cleaning site in order to absorb the largest amount through the force of pressure.
  • Leave the carpet for several hours to dry completely.
  • And after we make sure that it is dry, it is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner well.

We talked about the causes of the yellowing of carpets after washing and methods of treatment. There is no need to worry, they are not hard, permanent stains.

You can also deal with a cleaning company to clean your carpets without suffering from yellowing of the carpets after washing them.


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