Tosh to Kheerganga Guide for New One



The mountains are calling and I should go!!


The primary idea that rings a bell at whatever point I consider my absolute first mountain trek, the Kheerganga Trek. Also, it is really said, “The best view comes after the hardest ascension, where all beneficial things are wild and free.”


In the event that you are arranging a trek, around the mountains and nature, this is your trek!


We attempted to give a total aid on “Tosh to Kheerganga Trek”, with legitimate guidelines, and tips to plan Kheerganga Trek all alone.


About Kheerganga:

Kheerganga is situated in Parvati Valley, otherwise called Kullu Valley, at a height of 2950m, in Himachal Pradesh. The name Kheer-Ganga, itself characterises its smooth water, the Ganga stream as white as Kheer (an Indian sweet dish made of milk and rice).


The name Kheerganga came from the smooth water of the waterway and its stream streaming into Parvati valley from all sides of the mountain.


Kheerganga trek is well known in light of the fact that subsequent to arriving at the main one can appreciate and unwind in the normal high temp water spring which is likewise viewed as exceptionally promising. The trekking course has bunches of intriguing spots like Rudra cascade, Shiva Temple, Pine trees alongside an astonishing perspective on greenery around.


Kheerganga is somewhat scandalous for the wide development of Marijuana. It’s likewise called a Hippie spot. The spot is otherwise called smaller than usual Isrilie because of the enormous number of Israelis here.


Best chance to visit Kheerganga:

The best chance to visit Kasol Kheerganga is from March to June. There will be rich plant life, a blue open sky. This can be the best time for setting up camp.

In winters, it very well may be hard to cross Barsheni (because of weighty snowfall).


Albeit the streets are very much kept up with. Summer would be perfect, arriving at the temperature up to 15 degrees. There will be a ton of groups during these months since summer is the ideal time for excursions.


Tip: It is advised not to design the Kheerganga trek during the rainstorm, since it will be dangerous on the slopes.


How to arrive at Bhuntar?

Bhuntar is an unassuming community in the Kullu area, it is the spot from where the street veers for Parvati Valley.


To arrive at Bhuntar 2 choices:


Choice 1: Take a private Bus/Volvo from Delhi. Practically each of the transports start from the night and arrive at Bhuntar early morning.

Choice 2: There is an air terminal in Bhuntar. You can without much of a stretch fly from your city to Bhuntar. Be that as it may, flights would be costly as a direct result of a restricted network. You can travel to one or the other Delhi or Chandigarh, from that point, the availability till Bhuntar is very good.


Reach till Bhuntar transport stand – Catch a transport till Tosh or straightforwardly till Barshaini. Transports are less successive from Bhuntar to Barshaini. It requires around 2-3 hours to arrive at Barshaini from Bhuntar. Barshaini is the last stop after Tosh.


Where to remain in Tosh?

You can require a day’s pause and take convenience in Tosh or Barshaini. There are numerous choices accessible to remain in Tosh. You can do the earlier reserving or on-the-spot booking. We did the booking there solely after coming to and tracking down a decent bistro/resort to remain. A few bistros are Pink Floyd bistro and Shiva Mountain View Cafe, which are at the highest point of the slope.


We remained in the Shiva Mountain View Cafe, and trust me the view from this bistro is truly amazing as one can see gigantic mountains canvassed in snow and rich green pine trees. Aside from the mind boggling sees, the rooms are agreeable and financial plan cordial.


Note: Go through the audits and plan your visit ahead of time in Shiva Mountain View Cafe else it’s challenging to get the accessibility now and again.


Boiling Water Spring

Kheerganga in Parvati Valley is truly popular for the normal gift it has, the Hot Water Spring. The lush greenery, the incredibleness of all shapes and sizes cascades, the greenery around the spot will cause you to feel like paradise.

There is a major pool of regular Hot Water springs with two redirects. There is an open region for guys and a covered segment for females. The water is truly hot and unadulterated. When you enter the pool, you will understand that all your aggravation and distress are no more. You will be excited by the way that the pool, encompassed by mountains and slopes and snow(in winters), is truly Hot! This is called Nature’s magnificence I presume.

It is said that the child of Lord Shiva, Karthik contemplated here for millennia. So the spot is truly otherworldly in a strict manner. The adherents of Lord Shiva has their inclination connected to this spot.


You can remain here for the evening and return back the following day in the first part of the day in the wake of eating. We remained there in the night in our tents, loose until the end of the time, the experience was very much like a fantasy land. The inclination was so quiet and unadulterated! It is a high priority experience forever!


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