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Useful Tips for Perfect Home Decor

Everyone wants to create maximum comfort at home – so that everything is in its place, and the space is used ergonomically. Canvas Direct has collected 9 useful tips and rules from interior designers that will make furnishing your home easier and more efficient!

Rule number 1

Neutral shades for upholstered furniture. Cream, beige, gray when choosing a sofa or headrest for a bed will be a much more reasonable purchase than bright trendy colors that periodically go out of fashion. For these design accents, there are pillows and throws. There are also various types of paintings such as food paintings, thumb paintings that one can use.

Rule number 2

Pillows for catchy accents. Actually, the rule that follows from the first point: designers recommend getting an arsenal of multi-colored pillows of different shapes and sizes, thanks to which the room will immediately sparkle with bright colors.

Rule number 3

Avoid impulsive purchases. Before you go to the store for a new sofa or new curtains, it is recommended to memorize the living space, the color palette of the room, and measure everything in the smallest detail.

Rule number 4

Learn to professionally hang pictures. A common mistake when decorating a space is hanging paintings or art objects too high. The ideal height for a painting is between 145 and 152 cm above the floor.

Rule number 5

Learn how to frame pictures correctly. The main rule when choosing a frame for a photograph or painting is wide for large formats, narrow for small ones.

Rule number 6

Choose wall paint last. Another common mistake interior design beginners make is to match the furniture and decor in the room to the color of the walls. It turns out that everything should be done the other way around: first equip the interior, and at the last moment choose paint for the walls.

Rule number 7

Don’t skimp on switch panels. They should fit into the overall design of the space and be combined with the color of the walls or wallpaper.

Rule number 8

Don’t underestimate the importance of books. A stack of books with the right design can be a great design accent. They can be neatly stacked on the bedside table or laid out on a low table in front of the sofa and simply put on the shelves. Books add color, texture and meaning to a space, giving it a personality.

Rule number 9

 Mirrors – an additional source of light. There should be a mirror in every room. Mirrors create additional light and help to enlarge the space.

These are the tips and tricks that Canvas Direct  provides you to choose wall art & home decor  . One can keep in mind all the above details and have a good decoration with food, or  famous  van gogh prints and paintings.

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