10 Quick Questions with Mephisto Genetics

1. Where did Mephisto Genetics get its start?

Mephisto Genetics was conceived of as a notion or a dream during a typical “summer” in England, which consisted of many rainy days many years ago. My friend from back then, who is now my business partner, and I were engaged in a sort of grow-off at the time. We were working with roughly the same area but competing to see who could produce the most yield in the shortest amount of time.

2. For what purpose did Mephisto Genetics come into existence?

Mephisto Genetics aims to establish and develop new automatic strains that are the first of their kind in the world and are of the highest possible quality and potency. These strains will be generated from sought-after photoperiod types.

3. What distinguishes your seeds from others?

The primary distinction between our seeds and those of other firms is that, in contrast to many available brands, we do not just purchase seeds from a third party and then rebrand them under our name.

4. Which of your strains is the most sought-after?

There may be a strain that receives less attention, but all it takes is a fantastic growth display from a customer to open the floodgates in terms of sales and popularity. A coin flip between Auto Blues and Sour Crack would determine the winner. There’s also the Crockett dawg strain.

5. From your collection, which one of the particular strains would you suggest other people try first?

I am confident in my ability to propose anything from our selection. At this time, I suggest trying one of our limited edition variations of Mephisto genetics seeds for sale; alternatively, Ripley’s OG might make for a fantastic introduction to Mephisto if you are interested in trying one of our primary strains. It is simple to cultivate, produces a good amount of buds, exudes some pungent and distinctive odors, and has a gorgeous purpling phenotype strikingly similar to the alien OG cut used to develop her. Or you might want to try the Crockett dawg strain. You’ll get fantastic results once you’re familiar with the hang of it.

6. If you had to summarise in a single line why customers should purchase from Mephisto Genetics, what would that sentence be?

Consider where you want your hard-earned money to go. Do you want it to go to people who love and care about what they are doing, who shed blood, sweat, and tears in the process of creating a unique product, or do you want it to go to a larger company that can throw money into advertising but has an effect that is not up to par?

7. Do you have any unique or top-secret gardening tips that you may share with our audience?

Not particularly; instead, we strive to maintain our processes in the simplest form possible to share this information with our clients and enable them to duplicate the results they achieve using our products. We are working on a recipe that will be incredibly easy to share with you shortly.

8. Are there any brand-new strains that will be available shortly?

We are constantly working on developing new kinds of plants. This fall, we will release several new limited editions, one of which is titled “Heisenberg Special” (Walter White x 24 Carat).

9. What may we expect from Mephisto Genetics in future years?

We will keep our noses to the grindstone and consistently and steadily increase our size and scope in the same systematic manner we have always applied.

10. Where might interested parties receive additional information about Mephisto Genetics?

Joining the autoflower network is the most helpful resource for gathering information about our company. There are numerous grow shows of our type that growers of various skill levels have done. The database has a significant amount of information on everything and anything that has to do with autoflowering hemp and available Mephisto genetics seeds for sale.

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