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Cherry Red Hair Color is Trending – Hairstyles for Women to Slay

Cherry Red Hair Color is Trending – Here is Why

One of the best seasons to experiment with your hair is in the fall. The most famous hair variety pattern for fall is cherry red. Shades of mahogany, bright, and chocolate cherry are some popular choices. You can pick a color that works best for you from the dozens of available options.

The majority of people wear darker hues in the fall. While outfits in gray, taupe, and black are great, you’ll need a pop of color. You will appear lifeless and drab if you use too many neutral colors. Red hair color can be used as an accent.

Red hair can be blazing, ageless and flexible. It can practically serve as an accessory, and changing it for each season is simple. Here are a few different ways to style your red hair to fit your style.

Bright Red

Contrary to popular belief, bright red hair color can be worn. Rich reds in brilliant shades can give your hair more volume and thickness. You can use a permanent or temporary dye to get a bright red hair color.

This look can be achieved with or without bleach, depending on the intensity of the color you want to try and your base hair color. To make sure you can get the color you want, you might want to talk to your hairstylist about doing a strand test.

There are a lot of options for bright red because there are so many different shades. Try cooper red or intense red for a red with an orange tint. Dark red blonde and light burgundy blonde are two options for a shade that is a little bit darker but still bright.


It is yet another trendy shade of red. This shade is easier to achieve on dark hair because it is darker than bright red. The color of mahogany brown hair shimmers in the sunlight with red flecks. This shade of red will be easier to apply at home than other red hues.

Because it is so similar to our beloved Marsala shade, mahogany hair color is one of the most popular fall colors. You might need to bleach your hair if you have dark hair, which is one of the disadvantages of bright red hair color. You can dye your hair mahogany brown without bleach. A semi-permanent hair color might be a good option if you have damaged hair because it will be gentler on your locks.

Chocolate Cherry

Try the chocolate cherry hair color if you want a red with a darker undertone of brown. A dye that is either semi-permanent or permanent can achieve this look. If you already have brown hair but want to try something new, the chocolate red is a great option. On top of your brown hair color, your hair will shine a brilliant red in the sun. Because it is less dramatic, if this is your first time coloring your hair, you might want to think about going with this shade.

Cherry Coke or Black Cherry

The darkest red wine is typically referred to as cherry coke or black cherry. The red and dark brown tones of this deep black cherry hair color are present as well. The red tones are a genuine red, not a purple red. Black cherry hair color has a more dark brown base than chocolate cherry hair color. For the people who normally have off dark hair or exceptionally dim earthy colored hair, cherry coke hair tone would look astonishing.


Are you afraid to dye all of your hair red? If so, you should choose ombre. Only the mid-length or ends of your hair are colored with ombre. Traditionally, this method begins with a darker color at the roots, which gradually becomes lighter or changes color toward the ends.

Any of the cherry red hair dye discussed in this article can be used for this method. You can try out a color before you buy it, which is one of the main advantages of this kind of coloring. If you like how it brings out your eyes and skin tone, you might want to try the solid hair color in the future.


You can, indeed, play around with red highlights. An at-home highlighting kit is one way to achieve this look. There are dozens of simple home coloring systems that are made to work specifically for red highlights. Choosing a shade of red will be the most difficult part. Consider a deeper shade of red if you have dark brown hair. Consider mahogany highlights for medium brown hair. A lovely and funky hair color idea for daring girls is bright cherry red curly hair with highlights.

cherry red curly hair

Two-tone hair coloring is similar to ombre in that you only need to dye a portion of your hair. One idea for brunette two-tone hair color is to dye the top section of your hair red while keeping your underparts your natural color.

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