How to Solve the Epson Printer Offline on Mac?

How to Solve the Epson Printer Offline Mac?

Epson printers are extremely easy to use. It works with both Windows and Mac laptops and PCs. Many advanced features make it unique. Epson printers sometimes become offline when users use them. In other words, it does not have a Wi-Fi connection. It shows the Epson printer offline Mac. There are various reasons for this error. Here we can discuss its reason and methods to fix it.

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Causes for Epson Printer Offline on Mac

Users must know the primary reasons for the Epson printer offline on Mac. Let us check the leading causes of the error.

  • There are weak wireless signals.
  • The issue is the Epson printer driver.
  • Your Epson printer is in a lousy (sleep) mode.
  • Sometimes Mac gives the wrong commands.
  • There is a chance of the Mac firewall has limited the printer for security reasons
  • There is a communication problem between your Epson printer and Mac.

Users need to fix the error quickly and use their Epson printers properly.

Methods To Fix Epson Printer Offline on Mac 

It is always necessary to use effective methods to fix the Epson printer offline on Mac. Let us check these ways to solve the existing error.

Keep Epson Printer Active

It is necessary to keep your Epson printer active so the Epson printer offline on Mac is solved quickly. Before printing again, make sure the Epson machine is not in idle or sleep mode. Whenever the printer is not in use, it sleeps or idles. On the power LED, look for an amber light. Users must press the power button to activate it. As soon as the printer is active, a green or blue power light will appear. Here you can check whether the error of the Epson printer offline is solved or not.

Reboot the Device

You can reboot your device properly, so there is a need to cancel all the print jobs. It is a simple process, and you can easily do it by following these steps.

  • Go down the taskbar and double-click on the printer icon. 
  • You can quickly cancel the print job by pressing the X icon, which is easily available next to the job.
  • You can now power off the printer, computer, and router simultaneously.
  • After this, you can reboot them and restart the printer again.

It is necessary for you to check issue is solved or not.

Check Its Connection Settings 

It is also crucial for you to check the settings between the Epson printer and your Mac. It becomes more crucial when it shows the Epson printer is active but it also displays offline on Mac. These steps can be skipped if users are using a USB cord for their Epson printer on a Mac. These steps can be skipped if users use a USB cord for an Epson printer on a Mac. 

  • It is necessary to check that your Epson printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network with an IP address. 
  • You can also connect Mac computers to the same network. 
  • Make sure that you are not using any parallel networks (to put it simply).

Here, it is also necessary to verify whether that issue is solved or not. If the problem of the Epson printer offline persists, there is a need to use the next method.

Remove & Re-add Epson Printer

An Epson printer is offline on Mac computers because of a wrong property. A Mac can send print requests to the wrong printer. The Epson printer is then added to the list after removing all Epson printer properties. 

  • First, you open the system preference on your Mac.
  • Now you can press the print & scan.
  • Here, you can select the printer from the left panel. 
  • There is a need to tap on the (–) icon, which is the available downside to the printer table.
  • You can press the delete button on the pop-up window.
  • After this, you can select other printers and remove them.
  • Here you reboot the Mac PC again.
  •  You can go back to the print & scan option.
  •  Here you press the + icon
  • Now you select the Epson printer and press the add printer button.

These are the steps you can use to remove and re-add the Epson printer. It is also vital to check whether the Epson printer offline on Mac has been solved or not. Most of the time, you can easily fix the issue with the above-mentioned steps.

Wrapping Up 

It is necessary to set your Epson printer perfectly so various issue not occurs. There is a need to follow all steps correctly so you can quickly fix the error of the Epson printer offline on Mac is solved. Sometimes users do not use the original ink cartridges, so it shows the errors. It is imperative to use the above methods accordingly and fix the error quickly. You can also check the various techniques and use the Epson printer properly.

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