Improve Field Agent’s Efficiency With Field Force Monitoring Software

Improve Field Agent’s Efficiency With Field Force Monitoring Software

Companies employing field executives desperately need efficient employees who can work their best in the time provided. Field force monitoring software is perfect for such companies. It is designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employees. 

Poor efficiency of field agents can lead to underutilization of resources and low levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Field force management software allows your technicians to provide service faster and better.


Tips on How To Optimize the Efficiency of Field Agents

Every manager intends to work with a workforce that is productive and efficient. And this is because the whole client base depends on the field executives dealing with and servicing the clients. Here are some tips that will help you work with an efficient workforce. 

  • Real Time Updates: Managers need to receive real time updates on the whereabouts and the task status of the field agents. Real time updates through the cloud bases field force management system can help technicians have access to the data and work orders, enabling them to provide better service.
  • Invest in Remote Friendly Software: Software compatible with multiple devices and designed to improve remote working is ideal for improving the efficiency of field employees.
  • Automate Mundane Tasks: Field executives lose most of their time and energy working on repetitive and mundane tasks. With the help of automation software, these tasks can be done away with.
  • Monitor Your Field Agents: Managers need to keep an eye on the progress reports of each employee as this gives insights into the performance quality and efficiency of the agents.
  • Encourage Customers to Give Feedback: Feedback can be a great help to managers and employees as it can be both for motivation as well as point out areas for improvement.
  • Provide Instant Reimbursements: For employees to stay efficient, they must be motivated to do their best. Awards and reimbursements are incentives that will help them stay efficient on the field.
  • Periodically Check Your Agent’s Productivity: Checking up on the employee’s productivity, either through reports or by talking to them, can help managers formulate plans to help the employees overcome the challenges they face while serving the clients.


Field Force Monitoring Software Will Enhance Your Agent’s Efficiency

Field force monitoring software is a system that is designed to help field executives be their best while serving clients. It even helps managers to supervise agents in an effective and successful manner. In addition, it comes with features and tools to help ensure the workforce stays productive.

  • Bulk Upload Tasks: The software offers a bulk task upload feature that allows managers to assign a month’s worth of tasks in advance. They will be visible to 
  • Real Time Location and Task Tracking: Managers can track their field agents in real-time with the help of the software. Not only location but also task updates can be viewed accurately.
  • Automated Attendance: Field force monitoring software offers geocoded attendance. The attendance gets automatically marked once the agents reach the task location.
  • Custom Forms: Custom forms are a remote and convenient way to record client feedback digitally.
  • Expense Management: Managers can access the complete list of expenses of the operation. He can view pending requests for reimbursements as well.
  • Dual App: The software offers a separate app for managers and employees. This is great for simplified and efficient working.
  • Actionable Reports: Auto-generated reports by the software in real time is a convenient way for managers to track the efficiency of the employees.


Use TrackoField To Enhance Your Agent’s Productivity

Efficient field employees allow managers to allocate resources equally and ensure a loyal customer base. In addition, field force monitoring software ensures that the employees stay productive and efficient. 

TrackoField is a leading workforce management software. It offers features and tools that automate mundane tasks allowing employees to focus on much more important jobs.

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