Nike’s backpacks for men, like all of their items, blend design and practicality for solid products that may endure for years. Their backpacks are available at a range of pricing points, making them suited for students, professionals, and everyone in between.

Before you commit to a Nike backpack, consider a few points. What do you intend to use this bag for? If it’s for school, you’ll want a bag large enough to handle a laptop. Look for bigger backpacks with spacious inside if you require space for sports equipment, clothes, and accessories. For something with more flair, Nike’s golfing backpacks offer exquisite polyester fabrics and zipped pockets for shoes, books, and computers. Features like additional pockets and a water bottle holder are pleasant additions, too.

If you are ready to take the jump, we have a selection of top options and extra ideas to consider. To learn more about Nike backpacks and their features, continue reading our shopping guide to discover all you need to make an educated decision. Before long, you’ll have your own trendy Nike bag in tow.
Some Nike backpacks carry the swoosh emblem, which was developed by the corporation to depict the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory. Others boldly flaunt the word, Nike.



One of the most crucial components of a backpack is how much it will fit. This is particularly critical for student-athletes, who’ll be hauling textbooks, notes, and potentially sporting gear. Pay particular attention to the size of the bag to make sure it can hold your laptop. Luckily, the majority of Nike backpacks for men are amply proportioned, unless they’re small or kid-sized.

Opening and compartments

Backpack openings primarily come into two categories: zippered or top-loading backpacks. Zippered backpacks are increasingly popular in Nike’s assortment. You may unzip these backpacks from either side where the zipper sits. Zippered backpacks include extra compartments, such as an interior pocket for a pencil pouch or small pocketbook and a front pocket to keep a phone. The negative, of course, is that zipped backpacks allow greater access to would-be robbers.

Top-loading backpacks contain a primary storage area that is accessible through a large top hole. This aperture may or may not have a cinch for reinforcement. All top-loading backpacks contain a flap that secures the bag with a hook-and-loop, plastic, or metal clasp. Top-loading backpacks will hold stuff quite securely. They may also better protect your goods from weather and the elements. Unfortunately, top-loading backpacks feature less inside storage.

Sports backpacks

Sports backpacks are particularly made for persons who have to carry sports gear. Though Nike is an athletic brand, not all of their bags are sports backpacks. A sports backpack is bigger than typical to store sporting outfits and shoes, and it may feature a compartment for a basketball or soccer ball. Top-loading bags perform effectively as sports bags.



Nike backpacks tend to be straightforward in design and pattern. This is a company that likes clean lines and minimal designs, aside from their characteristic swoosh. The majority of Nike backpacks are black, grey, navy blue, or neutral-colored (such as camo pattern) (such as camo print). That doesn’t mean you can’t find bags in more colorful hues like pink, red, or blue.


Like many current backpacks, Nike backpacks are built from nylon or polyester mixes. This means they’re typically more waterproof and more robust than canvas bags. This also implies that Nike backpacks may be subject to heat damage, however, this is only conceivable under really high temperatures.


Pencil case: You may condense all your writing instruments in a pencil case that fits in one of your backpack’s smaller sections.

Water bottle: Stay hydrated all day! Get a backpack with a water bottle sleeve for safekeeping.


Nike is a prominent sports brand, but although none of their items are dirt cheap, it’s feasible to locate a bag you enjoy within your budget. Nike backpacks for men normally run from $25 to $150, depending on their size and other features.


Nike backpacks in the $25 to $40 range are either small backpacks or backpacks suited for youngsters. It’s worth mentioning that kids’ backpacks have more colorful colors than adult ones, so it’s completely feasible to locate a charming, little bag for around $35.


The bulk of Nike backpacks will fall within the $40 to $75 price range. On the lesser end of this scale, you’ll come across backpacks that are zipped with a basic front compartment. On the whole, these backpacks will be either black or grey. On the upper end, you’ll discover more backpacks that are top-loading. Some of the styles in this line are sports backpacks.


Nike backpacks for men that are above $75 tend to fall into a specialized category, like Nike Elite or Jordan backpacks. Jordan backpacks alone may cost over $100. If these premium backpack lines match your style, the additional expense may be beneficial.


  • Here’s a nice technique to test for appropriate padding: place two fingers on each side of the backpackspro material. Press your fingers together. The less you can feel your fingertips contacting, the better the cushioning is.
  • The breadth of an ordinary backpack shouldn’t surpass the width of your shoulders.
  • Backpacks may serve as a carry-on item when flying. Keep in mind that the typical carry-on dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches, albeit few Nike backpacks surpass this size.
  • To figure out if the backpack you are contemplating can contain all of your stuff, stack the goods you expect to carry day-to-day in a roughly rectangular pile. Measure the size of this pile and compare it with the dimensions of a backpack for an approximate estimate of whether it will contain all you need it to.


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