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Gojek Clone Super App 2023- New Features & Components To Boost Your Business Growth

Whether it’s the beauty industry, the beverages and food industry, or transportation and logistics smartphone apps are a potential way to grow any business. However, few business owners succeed in establishing their brand name. So, those who are looking to cut the competition can rely on developing Gojek Clone App for the growth of their On-demand Business in 2023. 

Why Building Gojek Clone For Business Growth?

 Gojek Clone is a popular on-demand app platform that offers a variety of services, such as taxi rides, motorcycle rentals, shopping, and food delivery, on-demand medical services, on-demand parcel delivery, on-demand medical services, handyman services, and more.

Following are the components and features that are aimed to grow your online business:

Online video consultation

Your customers can take advantage of the benefit of scheduling an online video consultation with nearby doctors, tutors, fitness instructors, astrologers, etc.

With the help of this online service, your users will find it simple to speak with them via video call, sparing them the effort of scheduling appointments and traveling to the place. Customers can contact experts and get their questions and concerns answered from the convenience of their home or office.

Service Bid

It may be difficult to find the best handyman service providers. Asking family and friends for one or finding one from Google’s yellow pages could compromise both your schedule and your finances.

Customers can publish their tasks using this feature of Our Gojek clone, along with brief descriptions of the task’s budget, location, deadline, etc. The assignment will be put out to bid by the local service providers. The user has a choice based on factors like work history, professionalism, pricing transparency, etc.

On-demand medical services

A really useful function that no other Super App has as of yet. The medical services include the option of making appointments on demand or setting one up for a walk-in or in-person clinical consultation. Additionally, the customer has the option to schedule a video consultation. In addition, the functionality makes it simple to get medical services by covering On-Demand ambulance services, Blood banks, Pharmacy stores, Vets, etc.

Taxi booking using the iWatch App

Your Apple customers can no longer deal with the inconvenience of having to take their phone out each time they want to make a taxi reservation. The app enables users to explore cabs in their category, book one, receive confirmation and an ETA, and submit payment. Once the trip is over, the user can offer ratings. Offering your consumers this capability might be a big benefit in expanding your customer base because wearable technology is trendy.

Final Thoughts

The development and upkeep of a single specialty On-demand App is time- and money-consuming. Therefore developing a White-labelled Gojek Clone App with more than 101+ in a single app can be the best thing to do.

Investing in an on-demand multi-service app while taking current marketing trends into account is the best line of action. The responsive Gojek Clone App is ready for your Multi-services Business to quickly launch in the market.

Contact an app development company like Gojekclone to create a Top-notch Gojek Clone Super App 2023. 

Gojekclone.com is a mobile app development company with years of experience creating on-demand solutions for numerous industries. Their tried-and-true techniques and insights are useful when creating such an application for your business.

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