How the Express Entry Candidates Will Be Impacted by NOC Changes Implemented Today?

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The government has made multiple changes to the Express Entry to Canada system in the past few weeks. These changes have mainly been around the National Occupational Classification (NOC) for occupations. The new job descriptions have been implemented and will affect Express Entry candidates who have received an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residency in the Express Entry pool.

The Canadian government uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to classify and evaluate workers’ skills and training in the Canadian labour market. The Express Entry system is used to select foreign nationals for immigration to Canada. The NOC changes implemented for 2021 will impact the Express Entry candidates in the following ways:

The NOC changes will result in some occupations being classified as skilled while others as semi-skilled or unskilled. This will impact the Express Entry candidates because the points awarded for skilled work experience will differ.

The Express Entry 2021 transitioned to 2016 system requires candidates to follow the TEER category when applying. 

NOC Skill Types/Levels

The NOC 2016 skill types/levels are:

  • 0: No formal educational requirements
  • A: Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • B: Post-secondary diploma or certificate
  • C: University degree
  • D: University degree at the doctoral or postdoctoral level

NOC TEER Categories

The NOC 2021 TEER categories are:

  • TEER 1: Professional occupations
  • TEER 2: Technical and skilled occupations
  • TEER 3: Paraprofessional occupations
  • TEER 4: Elementary occupations

Some occupation types and examples that align with each TEER category are as follows:

  • A: Professional occupations include doctors, lawyers, and accountants.
  • B: Technical and skilled occupations include electricians, plumbers, and mechanics.
  • C: Paraprofessional occupations include paralegals, social workers, and teaching assistants.
  • D: Elementary occupations include janitors, food service workers, and retail clerks.

The NOC changes will also result in some occupations being removed from the list of eligible occupations for Express Entry. This means candidates with work experience in these occupations will no longer be eligible to enter the Express Entry pool.

Finally, the NOC changes will result in a change in some occupation titles. This could impact the Express Entry candidates if their occupation title no longer matches the NOC code for their occupation. Candidates must ensure that their occupation title gets updated in the Express Entry system.

Occupations Eligible for the New Express Entry

There is a list of eligible occupations for the New Express Entry. The list consists of the following:

  • Managers in healthcare
  • Administrative and financial officers
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Industrial production managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sales, marketing and advertising managers
  • Restaurant and food service managers
  • Accommodation service managers
  • Facilities managers
  • Property administrators
  • Recruitment officers
  • Human resources managers
  • Transport drivers 
  • Aviation officers 

Ineligible occupations include:

  • Tailors
  • Leaders and trainers 
  • Practitioners

When applying through Express Entries, ensure that the occupation code matches the latest updates in the entry. With this information, we are sure you can ace your Express Entries process. Just be careful and stay updated with changes to avoid errors. Once you’ve acquired citizenship immigration Canada will assist you in settling into their community. 

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