how to study when you are struggling with mental health

Study When I’m Struggling With My Mental Health:

So in this blog, besties, I’ll be discussing how I study when I’m struggling with my mental health. First, try not to compare yourself to when you were okay. I used always to tell myself, oh, I’m such a failure because last time I could do three lectures in one day, and now I can only do one, or last time I could wake up at 4:00 AM. Now I only wake up at 3:00 PM… on a good day, if you have these thoughts as well, I want you to remind yourself of this: don’t compare yourself to the person that you want to be, or once were, and start working with what you have. You can’t understand concepts as fast as you once could? That’s okay. Also check out: uk online dissertation writing service

Allocate double the time you would once take to study a topic. Do you get distracted all the time while studying? Okay. Let’s figure out how long we can focus on, start with that, then slowly extend our study sessions as we get better. I have a whole playlist for all my academic blogs and study tips that you can check out here after watching this blog. All that matters is that we are making progress, as small as that progress may be. If you’re enjoying this blog so far, be sure to subscribe and leave a like; thank you. Next, when you are making a to-do list, ask yourself these questions. You may also read: dissertation writing services usa

Organize Your Thoughts:

Write it all down, organize your thoughts, and then to prioritize, you ask yourself these two questions: do I really need to do this? If ‘yes’, do I really need to do it right now? A lot of the time when we’re studying, we get really stressed because we feel like we’re not studying enough or we’re not covering everything. Do you really need to memorize every single thing in the textbook? If you said yes, is it because every single thing will be tested or you’re just paranoid? Do you need to finish this assignment? Yes, of course, you do, but do you need to finish it right now? No. If you’re in school, you can always email or ask your teacher for an extension. If you’re in university, if you submit late, you will lose one mark or a few marks, depending on how late you are.

Stress Management And Anxiety:

It’s better to rest today, complete your assignment properly tomorrow and submit late because losing a few marks due to late submission is much better than rushing, then losing 10 marks over it. Asking myself these two questions really helped me a lot with stress management and anxiety. Also, I know that when you’re stressed, every single little thing can feel like an overwhelming task and you can’t start to clear your mind if your space isn’t organized. So your space as a student is your laptop and I use Idenati to organize mine. I’ve been using them for months.

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