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The Power of Automated Text Messages in eCommerce in 2023

What if we told you that by making just one choice, your eCommerce business might increase exponentially? 

You could be debating if bulk SMS is the best option for your specific eCommerce specialty. Across a wide range of markets, automated messages are effective. Text messages are frequently used by brick and mortar companies to notify clients of forthcoming appointments or weekly promotions, including medical practices and grocery stores. 

Of course, a variety of eCommerce firms employ automated text messaging extensively. Bulk SMS messaging is used to increase sales for eCommerce companies in the health and wellness, beauty, and décor industries.

Make use of automated messaging (email and SMS) in your mobile marketing plan notwithstanding the size of your company. A well-rounded text messaging strategy may help businesses of all sizes and in all industries succeed. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of automated text messaging and what constitutes a successful campaign. We will also walk you through the main processes that your team needs to set up for SMS marketing.

The advantages of automated messaging 

Above email and social media, texting has the highest rate of interaction of any marketing channel. Businesses may communicate with clients more personally with automated text messaging than through email or social media. 

When starting your first automated text message campaign, it might be difficult to know what to anticipate. But don’t back down. Automation in text messaging is a very real possibility. 

There is a need for text blasts: 

  • SMS is preferred by 66% over phone or email. 
  • Only 4% of customers say they have seven or more unread SMS, while 74% say they have none. 

Automation of text messaging works well because:

  • An amazing 99% of SMS are opened with automation! 
  • Engagement rates in SMS campaigns are six to eight times greater than those in email campaigns.

Your eCommerce firm can benefit from using automated text messages as part of a marketing plan because: 

  • Produce fresh leads 
  • Encourage shoppers to complete their carts 
  • keep your current clients 
  • Promote fresh goods 
  • Inform clients of replenished goods 
  • Push for reviews after buying 
  • Transmit updates and forthcoming sales 

Encourage consumers to make purchases 

Automated text messaging in eCommerce enables companies to communicate with customers in a way that is specific to their behaviour or where they are in the sales funnel, which increases conversion rates and customer retention. Although it’s hard to design a customised text message marketing campaign for every customer, your team may establish the following standards to come the closest:

  • Gender\sAge\sLocation 
  • History of previous searches and purchases, personal preferences, and more 
  • More customisation choices are available if you decide to develop a drip campaign for your SMS approach. A drip campaign may be created depending on a person’s past purchases, length of time as a customer, if they have interacted with your business via SMS or email campaigns, etc.

What is the process of text message marketing? 

How well do you understand your clients? Text message marketing fills in the blanks where you might not completely comprehend or recognise what your target audience is. One thing that text message marketing reveals to us is that customers prefer checking texts over emails for convenience, and they also interact with companies who choose to implement text marketing strategies more. 

Because SMS marketing is quantifiable, your company may examine the messages sent, the number of messages delivered, keyword replies, and discussions. If an offer involves a code that can only be redeemed through your SMS campaign, your business may also see how many promos are used. After each SMS campaign, you should assess your approach and make future plans.

Search terms and short codes 

Keywords and short codes are crucial components of a text messaging strategy. There are several SMS marketing examples, but one popular one is to text “SUMMER” to 777777 to see the fro-yo flavour of the week. The short code that appears in the recipient field is “777777,” and the keyword in this case is “Summer.” With this, the consumer is signed up to receive text messages from the business automatically.


You have a few choices after that. Create an automatic text message that says “Thanks for joining in!” to clients as soon as they sign up. Giving clients a discount voucher for their subsequent purchase at this time is a fantastic idea. A text message containing the next sequence might be sent out when you add the client to the subscriber’s list.


Prior to being added to your campaign, customers who opt into text messaging online via a contact form must be verified. As an illustration, a text message sent out after an online signup would read, “Reply YES to confirm or NO to opt-out.” Prior to adding a client, it’s crucial to have their permission, and you should provide them plenty of options to stop receiving messages if they want.

Drip marketing 

The consumer will be added to your campaign if they agree that they wish to receive text messaging. Reaching clients who are at different points in their relationship with your company is easy with a drip campaign. 

Customers that have been vetted, new consumers, and potential customers may all participate in your overarching campaign and get customized communications that are pertinent to them. Your campaign will be able to differentiate which clients receive certain coupons, etc. by using triggers and customised answers.


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