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Why State Farm Denied My Roof Claim – And What I’m Doing About It

I was shocked and angry when State Farm denied roof claim. After months of dealing with the insurance company, I finally received the dreaded letter stating that they would not be covering the costs of repair or replacement of my roof. In this blog post, I will explain why state farm denied my roof claim, and what I’m doing to resolve the issue.

The Damage

When I received the news that State Farm had denied my roof claim, I was devastated. The damage to my roof was extensive, with several shingles missing and pieces of wood exposed. I had tried to cover the damage as best I could with a tarp, but it was clear that the repair job would require more than just a few nails and some duct tape. I was expecting a favorable outcome from my claim, but State Farm disagreed. They explained to me that due to the age of my roof and the fact that the damage had not been caused by an act of nature, they weren’t liable for covering the cost of repairs. In light of their decision, I decided to take matters into my own hands and hire a contractor to do the work myself. However, this was going to be expensive and so I began to research other options. After a few days of searching, I discovered a home insurance policy specifically designed for this situation. I contacted State Farm and asked if they’d be willing to consider allowing me to switch policies in order to cover the cost of my repairs. To my surprise, State Farm agreed and immediately began processing the switch. As soon as I had the new policy in place, I called a contractor who agreed to start work on the roof within 24 hours. Now, after months of fighting with State Farm over their decision to deny my roof claim, I finally have peace of mind knowing that my roof is secure once again.

The Estimate

When state farm denied my roof claim, I was left with a substantial repair bill. My insurance company told me that the repairs would cost more than $5,000 and that I was responsible for the entire cost. This was a big surprise because I had expected the claim to be covered, as I had never made any claims before.

I decided to get a second estimate from another contractor. This time, the contractor estimated that the repairs would only cost $2,500. This was a huge difference and it raised my hopes that maybe state farm had made a mistake in denying my claim. Unfortunately, they were still unwilling to cover the repair costs, even after I provided them with the second estimate.

The Adjuster

When state farm denied my roof claim, I immediately called the insurance company to see what went wrong. It turns out that the adjuster sent by State Farm had some issues with my claim. They found that there were inconsistencies between the pictures I had taken of the damage and the estimates provided by my contractor. The adjuster said that the contractor’s estimate was too high, and that there was no evidence of the hail damage they claimed.

The adjuster also told me that State Farm wouldn’t cover the cost of repairs since they felt the damage wasn’t caused by hail. Instead, they suggested I get an independent appraiser to assess the damage and determine if it was truly caused by a hail storm.

I was disappointed that state farm denied my roof claim, but I’m determined to take them to court if necessary. I’m in the process of finding an independent appraiser to help me prove that my roof needs to be replaced due to hail damage.

The Appraisal

After my roof claim was denied by State Farm, I decided to get a professional appraisal. I wanted an expert opinion on the severity of the damage and the cost of repair or replacement. The appraiser looked at the damaged areas, took photos, and wrote a report on the condition of my roof.

The appraiser determined that my roof had sustained significant damage due to a severe storm. The estimated cost of repair or replacement was more than double the estimate State Farm had given me. The report also concluded that the work done by the contractor State Farm sent out was inadequate and the damage would not have been so severe if their repairs had been done properly.

With the new appraisal in hand, I’m now in a better position to prove to State Farm why they should honor my roof claim. I plan to fight for my rights and get the money I deserve to cover the cost of repairing or replacing my roof.

The Lawsuit

When state farm denied my roof claim, I knew I had to take legal action. I consulted a lawyer to help me file a lawsuit against the company. My lawyer put together a strong case based on evidence that showed State Farm acted in bad faith when they denied my claim. I also had witnesses to support my case.

We argued that State Farm had an obligation to pay for the repairs to my roof and that the company had failed to uphold its end of the contract. We argued that State Farm should not have denied my claim without first getting a proper appraisal or estimate from a qualified contractor. We argued that by doing so, the company acted in bad faith and violated its policies.

The case went to court and after much deliberation, the judge ruled in my favor. I was awarded the full cost of the repairs to my roof and compensation for all the stress and hassle I had gone through.

Although it was a long and difficult process, it was worth it in the end. I am glad I stood up for myself and fought for what was right. State farm denied my roof claim, but justice prevailed in the end.

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