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7 Notables While Planning A Meso Scale Discovery Assay

Meso Scale Discovery utilizes electrochemiluminescence detection and multi-array technology for measuring analytes in complex biological matrices. The Meso Scale Discovery platform combines patterned arrays and electrochemiluminescence to provide highly dense analysis through the organization, miniaturization, and parallel processing of samples. With a diverse menu of assay kits, plates and reagents, Mesoscale assays are now  integral  to  every drug development timeline. The current article shares seven notables while planning a Meso Scale Discovery immunoassay.

Assay Development

Today scientists require robust tests to make better decisions in clinical research environments. However, the development of specific and high-quality assays is challenging. MesoScale provides a seamless assay development process for developing high-quality assays. They have successfully collaborated with top pharmaceutical and biotech companies to produce reliable assays for several drug development studies. Their assay development services include interactive discussions, regular updates, and consultation.


MSD provides conjugation services where scientists can conjugate their biomolecules with either Sulfo-Tag or biotin. Sulfo-Tag labels are used as detectors, while the biotin-conjugated components may be used as detection or capture reagents. This conjugation service is also available for proteins, peptides, antibodies, and oligonucleotides. Moreover, MSD has Gold conjugation services for additional quality assessment and characterization. This feature is particularly critical for scientists conducting longitudinal studies or in validated environments.

Prototype Printing

MSD has a custom coating of plates for rapid and convenient transfer of existing ELISAs to the MSD platform. Besides, custom plate coating facilitates the development of multiplex immunoassays with high sensitivity. MSD prototype printing services can coat plates with various a broad range of materials, including antibodies, peptides, proteins, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides, and polysaccharides. Moreover, these plates are produced using low-volume dispensers and automated systems.


MSD has two robust instruments at its disposal: MESO SECTOR S 600MM and MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 MM.

The MESO SECTOR S 600MM is an ultra-sensitive plate imager flagship instrument. It has a low-noise, high-speed CCD camera that gives a broader dynamic range, higher sensitivity, and faster read times. On the other hand, the MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM is a versatile instrument engineered for ease, reliability, and low-cost setup.

Assay Kits

From custom multiplex assays to validated high-performance assays, MSD has the right set of assay kits available to fulfill all immunoassay needs., from custom multiplex assays to validated high-performance assays.  Their assay kits include; R-Plex, U-Plex, T-Plex, V-Plex, and S-Plex assay kits. Each of these assay kits has its unique advantages in research settings.

Assay Plates

MSD has specifically designed assay plates for its use with their instruments. These plates have high-binding carbon electrodes in the assay wells for high-performance electrochemiluminescence detection. Moreover, they also offer MSD Gold plates. Gold plates undergo rigorous specifications and are designed to support critical long-term studies for toxicology and drug safety assessments.

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Biomarker Services

Biomarker services are dedicated tests to screen, choose and validate custom biomarkers. MSD specializes in developing high-quality biomarker immunoassays for all stages of drug discovery and development studies. Scientists can screen numerous biomarkers and transfer the relevant ones to more focused and validated assay panels.


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