Goat milk products and their Application on skin

Goat milk products and their Application on skin

Spring is here at The Bend Soap Co. shop! This is a volatile season with a myriad of reasons. Rain showers on the first day, sun and warm temperatures the Goat milk next. But if there’s a thing that we can count for, it’s our arrival of our limited special spring scents.

If you’re new to our spring-themed products the line comprises three distinct smells: Lemon Lavender, English Garden goat milk soap as well as Citrus Mint. Each scent is distinctive and created using pure essential oils that give each product an aromatherapeutic boost. Smell (no synthetic fragrances in this one!)

  1. Springtime seasonal products are available only for a brief period! As with all of our seasonal collections we only made a small amount of these products, meaning when they’re sold out they’ll be gone until the next spring. So, stock up now while you can to make sure you don’t lose out!
  2. Enjoy the season with fresh spring-themed Labels! Just like with the limited edition labels we use on our scents for the holidays, all of our spring-themed products are dressed in exclusive labels. We believe this gives the seasonal flair and a sense of excitement for the seasonal items we’ve been anticipating after the long winter.

Here’s all the information that you must be aware of the limited-edition seasonal products we’ve reintroduced as well as our newest new products!

Lemon Lavender

We launched our first Lemon Lavender products in spring of 2020. Our customers immediately became enthralled with these products. We knew that we needed to bring them back this year! Combining lavender with essential oil gives you a relaxing scent that will make it feel like you’ve entered your favourite spa (even even if it’s only in your head!)

The What Bend Soap Company Customers are Commenting:

“This Lemon Lavender Deodorant will transform your life Goat milk skin care This is a must-have! I’ve tried a variety of numerous deodorants but haven’t seen the results as impressive as I’m expecting from this. This review is built upon the lemon lavender. I have not tried any other scents. It smells wonderful and doesn’t overwhelm other perfumes that you might wear. You’ll be attracted.” Luanne Rossi Luanne Rossi

About the Scent: Litsea & Lavender Essential Oils

The soothing scent of lemony lavender and soothing lavender smell as fresh and fresh as the warm sunshine of spring. Essential oil of Litsea is a brand new essential oil we’ve discovered in the Bend Soap Company and is only present in these products! It’s fruity, Goat milk, and fresh. Its smell is often compared to the scent of freshly-picked lemons due to its bright and sweet scent. It’s a must-have in your routine for daily skincare Essential oil from litsea has been proven to keep skin free from blemishes and clear.

It doesn’t take an expert on essential oils to be aware the benefits of lavender essential oil. The essential oil of lavender is relaxing, soothing and peaceful. Lavender is an excellent supplement to your routine. At night since it helps create a calm atmosphere and helps you relax after a tiring day. Lavender is also a great addition to your skincare routine due because of its properties against bacteria.

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