How Much Glutathione Should I Take Daily for Skin Whitening?

When talking about beauty people consider fair skin tone as a symbol of beauty as compared to dark skin, especially in Asian countries. As glutathione plays a very important role in giving skin brighter and glowy skin. You can get glutathione in various ways and can enhance your beauty. But getting the right dose and product will enhance the results of treatment. If you are thinking that skin whitening treatment is harmful, this is not true. It is the safest cosmetic procedure with a very less chance of side effects if taken in the right amount. How Much Glutathione Should I Take Daily for Skin Whitening? Is the question in the mind of everyone who is thinking of getting glutathione therapy? Keep reading to learn about it.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a natural substance that is produced by our bodies. Glutathione consists of three types of amino acids such as glycine, glutamic, and cysteine acid. These amino acids play an important role in skin renewal and skin whitening.

Glutathione is present naturally but due to different factors, its production is inhibited. The skin care expert will perform some blood tests to determine the amount of glutathione in the body so that he will select the dose of glutathione accordingly. Skin Whitening in Islamabad can be achieved by using different treatments but getting glutathione therapy is the best one.

How Does Glutathione Works for Skin Whitening?

Our body has an enzyme known as tyrosinase, the function of this cell is to produce melanin in the body. If this enzyme works actively then it will produce more melanin and more melanin means a darker skin shade. With the help of glutathione administration in the body, it will work and reduce the melanin amount in our body. When the melanin will be produced in less amount it will result in fair and even skin tone. This potent antioxidant will help in getting rid of free radicals from the body. It treats hyperpigmentation, signs of ageing, and other different types of skin conditions.

Amount of Glutathione to Take Daily:

The amount of glutathione that is needed by the body is decided by the skin expert so that you will get the desired results without facing any type of side effects. The dosage of glutathione depends on several factors such as health condition, body weight, the color of the patient, treatment type, and desired results. Usually, the skin expert suggests that a person weighing 50 kg should get 20 to 40 mg of glutathione. If your weight is more than it the dose will increase accordingly. If you want to take glutathione for some other reasons then the dose will vary accordingly.

For getting maximum results, you must get the treatment from a skilled skin expert. The doctors usually suggest you take vitamin C supplements from side to side, as it will help in better absorption of Glutathione in the body. As vitamin C also plays a role in skin brightening so by taking it along with treatment will enhance the results. When you have achieved the desired results then the amount of glutathione will be half what was before during the maintenance sessions.


You should not take glutathione in any form by yourself, as a high amount of glutathione can have a negative impact on our skin.

Different Ways to Increase the Longevity of Results:

When you have achieved the results, it is important to maintain the results. The skin expert will give you certain instructions which you should follow if you want long-lasting results. Following are the basic instructions:

●     Undergo Maintenance sessions

Once you have achieved the results, it is important to go for maintenance sessions. Due to exposure to chemicals, the glutathione will start breaking down in the future which will result in less amount of glutathione in the body. When the amount will be less it means that the outcomes will start fading away so to increase the time span get the follow-up sessions.

●     Use Topical Creams

Avoid using skin whitening creams and lotions as it has severe side effects on the health of the skin. So use good quality creams and moisturizers to maintain skin health and for skin hydration. By applying topical creams the skin renewal process will continue and you will get glowing skin for a long time.

●     Use Sunblock

Many people think that sunblock has no use, but it is not true. As sunblock protects our skin from UV rays. When our skin is exposed to sun rays it triggers the process of melanin production. And if melanin will be produced in huge amounts then it will result in a dark skin tone. So the dermatologist suggests that the application of sunblock is necessary before exposing your skin to the sunlight. And try to limit sun exposure, especially during the peak hours.

●     Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin from time to time will knock out melanin and will maintain your skin color. The skin regeneration process will also increase if we do skin exfoliation. Nowadays skin exfoliation gloves are also available in the market which helps skin exfoliation without any struggle.

Effective Ways to Take Glutathione:

There are certain ways by which you can introduce glutathione in the body. It includes glutathione pills, injections, and IV drip. The pills are considered as least effective treatment while the whitening injections and IV drip work more efficiently as they are introduced directly into the bloodstream and there are more chances of maximum absorption of glutathione. By taking regular sessions of glutathione you will see dramatic results in skin color, tone, and texture of the skin.

Are Glutathione Injections Safe?

The Glutathione supplements are safe and they are also approved by the FDA. As it is a natural substance in the body as if we take it through treatment then it is also safe. But there is a certain amount that is needed by the body. And if the amount increases then it can cause severe side effects. Gluta is also not suitable if you are undergoing any severe health condition or are pregnant or breastfeeding women then you should avoid it. You should also discuss with the doctor if you are taking certain medications as gluta cannot be taken with specific medicines.

Where to Get Glutathione Treatment:

For getting the glutathione treatment make sure you choose the best dermatologist. The reason for this is, if you choose a skilled doctor he will introduce the amount of melanin in the body which is need. Not less and not more than the required one. In this way, you can avoid the side effects and maximize the results of the treatment.


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