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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

You have heard about the myth that laser hair removal does not work for darker skin tone people. But it is not the truth because, with the advancement in laser treatment and modern technology, laser hair removal can also work for dark skin tones. In the past years when laser treatment was made without considering the pigment of hair and skin tone of the person. So people with dark skin face scarring, burning, and discoloration in the past. Keep reading to learn about how Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin can work for you. If you have a tanned and darker skin tone.

Things to Consider Before Getting Laser for Darker Shade:

If laser treatment is performed by a professional then it is safe and effective for every skin tone. So before getting into the treatment make sure you consider the following things:

●     Technology

If you have a dark skin tone and you are going for laser treatment. Then make sure that the skin expert uses the right technology. As for dark skin shade, the technology and type of laser are different. So for getting the results it is best to discuss it with the esthetician.

●     Expertise

The most crucial part is that the laser hair removal must be performed by a professional and experienced doctor. Because Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad for darker skin shades must be performed professionally to see the desired results.

Best Type of Laser for Dark People:

As there are different devices for laser hair removal, and they work by passing light intensity which targets the pigment in the hair follicles. But in the case of darker skin shade people, the laser targets the melanin on the skin surface instead of the pigment of hair follicles. This thing causes complications and can cause burning, scarring, and other types of side effects and people do not get the best results.


So it is necessary that the skin expert uses a YAG laser as its wavelengths do not affect the skin layer but it penetrates the deeper layer of the skin and does not cause burning and provides the desired results. So make sure you discuss the type of laser with the skin expert that he is going to use so that you do not face any side effects in the future. Also, do basic research about the types of laser which are best for dark shade people.

What to do Before Laser Hair Removal?

Before the laser hair removal, you will have an initial consultation with the dermatologist. You should ask him about his experience and you can also ask him to show the before and after pictures of the patients. And during this time he will also ask about your past medical conditions and skin allergies. So he can choose the laser type accordingly. You will be given pre and after-care instructions which you should follow for the best-desired results. Before getting the laser treatment you should:


  • Do not use such products which are new to your skin
  • Avoid tanning as it will affect your results
  • Apply a good quality SPF before 2 weeks of treatment
  • Do not remove your hair from any method
  • You should avoid retinoid before one week of laser
  • You should not go for any other type of cosmetic or laser treatment 2 weeks before the laser treatment
  • Before coming clean the area and shave the targeted area
  • Go for a patch test before getting the whole procedure done

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

The skin care expert or the laser expert will use the specific type of laser which has longer wavelength and pulse durations. The skin experts start the procedure by cleaning the targeted area and shaving the area as the roots of hair should be exposed. After that, he uses a specific type of laser for dark skin tones. The laser light will penetrate the deeper layer of the skin without disturbing the melanin present on the skin surface. The treatment procedure is painless as the skin expert applies numbing cream or a soothing gel before the start of the procedure. After getting the laser treatment from a certified dermatologist and a specific type of laser for dark skin you will not get scarring and other types of dark spots.

Number of sessions for Desired Results:

For getting the desired results the skin expert will examine how your skin has responded to the laser treatment. Some people see a permanent reduction in just 4 to 5 sessions or some people need more sessions. The number of sessions depends on the treatment area condition, hair growth, density of hair, and color of the hair. Once you have achieved the desired results, you will need maintenance sessions to see the results for a long time.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Treatment?

The time to get the treatment depends on the treatment area size. If you want to get rid of hair from a small area then the procedure will take 15 minutes to complete and if you want treatment on a larger area then it may take 1 hour to complete. The time also depends on the type of laser selected.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

The laser hair removal will give you a hair-free body, without any type of pain. The benefits which you can with a laser hair removal are as follows:


  • You can wear any type of clothes without worrying about hair
  • It will not burn your skin, thus no scarring occurs
  • It will reduce all the unwanted hair from the targeted area
  • You will not get any type of ingrown hair
  • Your skin texture will also improve with time
  • Men can also get this amazing treatment
  • There will be a reduction in hair growth in just one session
  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • It will work for all skin tones
  • It is a painless and non-invasive procedure

Beware of In-Home Devices?

As there are different types of in-home devices available for getting rid of hair permanently. These lasers can work but you can face side effects as you are not an expert in performing the procedure. For darker shade people it is not effective and you can face side effects. So you should avoid purchasing in-home laser devices if you have dark skin color and want an effective treatment for getting rid of hair.

Things to Look for in Laser Hair Removal Providers:

Not all skin doctors are experienced in performing laser treatment. So choose an expert before going for the treatment so that he performs the best laser treatment for you. If you are looking for laser hair removal then choose a Glamorous Clinic. We have highly skilled skin experts and dermatologists who will perform the laser treatment according to your skin color. They use the latest techniques and laser equipment to give you the desired results.















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