Tom Ford Velvet Orchid For Women

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid For Women

Tom Ford may have decided that his mid-range brand required a freak scent—something raunchy and sexual that 20-somethings could wear to the clubs. Unfortunately, it was taken to mean “cheap floriental.” With the exception of Velvet Orchid, I’ve typically admired Tom Ford’s releases even when I didn’t want to wear them.


The large selection of strong, lasting scents in Tom Ford’s Signature Collection are of the finest quality but are also far more affordable than those in his Private Blend line. From the oriental luxury of Sahara Black to the pure relaxation of Violet Blonde, they are all statement pieces, and like all things “Tom Ford,” they transmit a richness that is very much in line with the brand’s rich and contemporary-classic look.


The dramatic Black Orchid (launched in 2006), the company’s debut and most risky fragrance, is perhaps the most recognizable scent in M. Ford’s body of work. With this fragrance, Tom Ford loudly declared that he would not approach the fragrance industry in a conventional or uninteresting manner but instead would develop controversial scents that stand out and celebrate all that is stylish and beautiful. My friends, the man has continued to act in this manner ever since.

What Does Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Smell Like?

When misting Velvet Orchid for the first time, two things become apparent: 1) it is completely and undeniably a Tom Ford fragrance with its distinctive richness; and 2) it has a slight similarity to its sister, Black Orchid. In the beginning, syrupy rum with an exotic scent combines with gently sticky fruits to produce an appealing mixture that seems glamorous, tasty, and exotic. Underneath the heady mix of Velvet Orchid’s top notes is a faint hint of the floral-mushroom harmony that makes Black Orchid so distinctive, but for the most part, these are two quite different scents.


The center of this flowery oriental perfume. Which is a celebration of creamy, warm, and supple blossoms that brush against one another to create great friction. And heat is where the florals in this fragrance are most noticeable. The overall impression is one of an obscure, tropical bloom concealed among the dense vegetation of a sweltering jungle since none of the individual blooms stand out. It’s rubbery, heated, and highly olfactory.

Which Tom Ford fragrances are the best for women?

The dry and spicy vanilla in Velvet Orchid’s base continues. On the theme of creamy warmth and melds perfectly with the rounded edges of sandalwood. Velvet offers all of that flowery headiness a regulated quantity of powder as well as a sophisticated and opulent texture. One learns the meaning of the name at this point when the narcotic undertones fade and the plushness emerges. This perfume is an imagined orchid, gently poised on a bed of purple velvet. I like Velvet Orchid because it’s a really good scent that manages to be in the same vein as Black Orchid without being a worthless clone. And delivers a somewhat more dressed-down version of the original’s glamour fashion puss character. It’s true to say that it doesn’t stand out or smell as strong. Compare to some of the other scents in Tom Ford’s Signature Collection, this is maybe where it falls short. Having said that, Velvet Orchid is a well-executed floral scent that smells great hot. Sunny days, and I’m sure it will be a fantastic option for individuals who wanted to enjoy Black Orchid but need something a little bit more polite.

How Long Does Velvet Orchid Tom Ford Last?

Velvet Orchid Tom Passage will last a normal 8 hours. The aroma is truly steady and it projects astounding in the initial 2 to 3 hours. Sillage is additionally over the normal.

On my skin, the Velvet Orchid will in general go on for around 7 to 8 hours. Yet since this is a fragrance for ladies, it wouldn’t check out depending on my skin insight. My better half tried it on numerous events and got close to 8 hours of life span.

The projection is additionally more than fine as it projects perfectly in the initial 2.  Now and again 3 hours and that is the period when praises come in like there’s no tomorrow. Sillage is likewise taking care of its business so individuals around can without much of a stretch distinguish it. And I can check that the life span is still around 7-8 hours. The group code is AC0. Many customers have also buy online Tom Ford Velvet Orchid at affordable prices online with a trustable website.


The bottle of Velvet Orchid also features the same colors as the packaging, which are textured and purple.

The name of the scent and the ml are printed on a gold-colored label. That is present on both the bottle and the packaging. The purple hue they chose exudes an impression of richness and luxury. The looks chic and contemporary and fits perfectly on a shelf in any setting.

There are two possible sizes for the velvet orchid:

  • 50ml (1.7 oZ)
  • 100ml (3.4 oZ)

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