Top Beaches in Mumbai that You Must Visit During Your Trip

Scintillating, mesmerizing yet chaotic, this is how you can describe the beaches in Mumbai. While some of these are crowded with people, others are less explored and ideal for those who like to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the ‘city of dreams’. 

You can explore the local food at these beaches in Mumbai or opt to build sand castles with your little ones. These are also great to spend your evening watching the sunset. If you are planning a trip to the city, here are some of the best beaches in Mumbai that you must definitely visit. 

Juhu Beach Mumbai

Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most popular beaches in the city. Spread over nearly 6 kms, it is a must visit by every tourist. During the evenings, you can spot families spending some quality time together. Many people residing in the nearby areas also choose this beach for their morning or evening walks. It comes to life and becomes even more lively during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations every year. Explore the various small eateries here and try the scrumptious local delicacies. 

Madh Island Beach Mumbai 

Madh Island Mumbai is one of the top places to visit for both locals and tourists. The beach here is popular for shoots; be it for movies or documentaries. It is also known for hosting weekend parties and is a delight for beach lovers. The Madh Fort is a top tourist destination here. If you want to spend some time in solitude, you will visit a number of small fishing villages or farmlands that are located near this famous beach. 

Versova Beach Mumbai 

The iconic Versova Beach in Mumbai is located close to the popular Juhu Beach. It is also one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai. You can spot multicolored fishing boats near the shores. Opt to go for a long swimming session in the deep blue waters. You can visit it during the evening and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the dreamy Arabian Sea. This beach is usually crowded with people in the evening. 

Aksa Beach Mumbai 

Although small in size, Aksa Beach is one of the best beaches in Mumbai. It is a least exploited place and is ideal for introverts. You can simply spend the evening seated at the beach and admiring the gorgeous sky change its colors from orange to pink during the sunset. The golden sand shines and is filled with sea shells for those who like to collect it. 

Gorai Beach Mumbai 

Yet another tranquil spot for those who seek solitude, The Gorai Beach in Mumbai is a must-visit place. You can spot a few beach shacks here that serve some of the best local dishes. It is one of the less explored places in Mumbai and is known for its scintillating sand and pristine waters. If you are visiting this place with your friends, you can also play cricket and make your visit memorable. Take a freshly brewed cup of tea and enjoy it while watching the awe-inspiring views of the sunset from this quaint beach. 

Marve Beach Mumbai 

Marve beach is one of the best beaches in Mumbai, especially for nature enthusiasts. You will mostly spot younger people thronging this beach. You can spend some quality time with your family, friends or loved ones doing things that you love. Enjoy watching the beautiful cashew trees lined across the beach or play some beach volleyball, make sand castles, sit and watch the lush greenery around. You can also opt to walk with your partner along the serene shoreline during the sunset. 

Kalamb Beach Mumbai 

Another hidden gem, the Kalab Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai. It is ideal for a one day trip in Mumbai with family or friends. The sand and water is pristine as they mostly remain untouched because of lack of crowds in the area. So, if you are an introvert, hoping to explore the city and seeking quaint places, this beach is where you must go. You can bath in the sun or sit until the evening and watch the sky change into pretty hues of pink. 

There are many other beaches in Mumbai that you can visit during your trip. These will not only provide you with amazing activities but will also give you some amazing memories. Which of the beaches mentioned above would you like to visit during your Mumbai vacation? Comment below and share your beach choices with us.

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